The Gaduge Company Announces Affordable Relief from Back Pain

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The Gaduge Company has just launched a new product that makes natural back pain relief affordable for as many people as possible. This Neoprene back belt was designed in California, USA, and is sold exclusively online to keep costs down.

The Gaduge Company has just launched a new product that makes natural back pain relief affordable for as many people as possible. This Neoprene back belt was designed in California, USA, and is sold exclusively online to keep costs down. Customers in the United States and the UK can order the Lower Back Brace through or It is a corset-style support belt that serves multiple purposes. Not only does it relieve sore muscles, it provides support for pain-free movement, encourages correct posture, and serves as a waist trainer to help customers slim their waistline.

Back pain is a very common problem that affects almost everyone at least once in their lives. Acute cases cause a sudden halt to everyday activity. But some sufferers deal with limited movement and constant aching for years. Forced limitations from back problems can lead to weight gain, poor posture, lack of confidence, and loss of self-esteem. Constant pain not only disrupts the sufferer’s lifestyle; it can affect their mood, as well as their relationships.

People with back pain may turn to medication for relief since it can mask the symptoms. They struggle onward with their everyday lives, dealing as best as they can. Many are not able to afford physical therapy treatments to improve their condition, and some may be reluctant to face surgical options, so the physical limits they are forced to accept causes their situation to continue for longer than necessary.

Now, the Gaduge Company is taking a step forward to helping back pain sufferers regain their health in every way--physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their mission statement reads,
“We create innovative, beautiful, and effective products to solve your everyday problems. Our mission is to always find the best solution to a problem first, then turn that solution into something extraordinary.”

Their effective solution to lower back pain is this adjustable lumbar support brace that comes in two infinitely customizable sizes. The small fits waists from 26” to 37,” while the large fits 38” to 50-inch waistlines. Each size is extremely customizable because of the dual Velcro strap design. The customer can set the amount of compression and support to a level that is comfortable for both their pain and activity levels.

The Velcro straps hold firm even under duress so the wearer is free to move without worrying about having the brace come undone and losing support. The internal stays keep pressure off the spinal column and encourage correct posture. Correct posture promotes healing and avoids new injury. The back support belt also helps the wearer maintain proper respiration for better health, plus it limits the desire to overeat.

But this is not a stiff corset, this is a flexible brace that provides stability while the wearer performs normal activities like walking, bending, lifting, or engaging in sports. It simply limits an excess of spinal movement so injuries can heal. It bears part of the load to take stress off the lower back.

To add to the wearer’s well-being, the soft and comfortable Neoprene material reflects body heat to comfort sore muscles. This has an additional side effect of increasing calorie burn by a small degree. Similar products are often sold as waist trimmers popularized by celebrities. There are ongoing studies regarding the effectiveness of waist trainers as weight loss devices and as abdominal minimizers.

The Gaduge Lower Back Brace has another property that is appreciated by back belt wearers: it slims the waistline so the wearer appears trimmer and fitter from the moment they don it. It can be worn either over or under clothing, according to the user’s preference.

The Gaduge Company selected Neoprene fabric as the base material for the lumbar support due to a number of reasons. Beyond its soft texture for skin contact and its ability to maintain warmth, Neoprene is also very resistant to UV light, water, perspiration, salts, alkalis, acids, alcohols, solvents, greases, and oils. It’s chemically inert so it doesn’t react with skin or cause an allergic reaction like latex products can.

Another detail of the Gaduge support belt that is indicative of the thought given to user-friendly design is the double Velcro closure. Each of the two straps is easy to grasp and manipulate by most wearers without outside assistance.

The bottom strap creates the base of the support structure. The user can set the first level of compression according to their needs and comfort. The Velcro closure is superior to other kinds of straps or ties because it can be repositioned repeatedly with minimal effort, and it stands up well to repeated placement without visible wear.

Once the wearer is satisfied with the base amount of compression, they can use the top Velcro strap to tighten the support belt for optimal support. Tightening the belt is recommended for activities like lifting, bending, and sports that require twisting movements like golf or basketball. Then if the wearer wishes to pause their activity to rest, it is very easy to reduce the amount of compression by releasing the upper straps.

The overall design of the Gaduge back brace is meant to provide comfortable support with minimal technical knowledge on the part of the wearer. In other words, it is simple to use and easy to wear, meaning that the wearer will be more likely to take advantage of the product for their benefit.

Caring for the product requires little maintenance. The Neoprene and other materials used in its construction are anti-microbial and resist odors well. The brace can be hand-washed with ordinary mild detergent or soap and warm water, then left to drip dry. There is no need to machine wash, and tumble drying is not recommended. The support belt dries within hours on its own.

The Gaduge Company offers their Lower Back Brace at a reasonable price for maximum distribution. They are a small family-owned business with customer satisfaction as their number one goal. For more information about the Gaduge Lower Back Brace or the Gaduge Company, please send an email to contact(at) Click here to check it out.

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