New Non-Lethal Firearms Training Product Uses No Ammunition And Will Simulate Recoil

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Teksilon, LLC is developing a realistic training pistol for gun enthusiasts, competition shooters, law enforcement, those in the military and gamers that is NOT a firearm, uses no ammunition and is in fact, safer than a child’s water pistol.

“At Teksilon, we know a thing or two about safe gun handling,” said Jakob Kishon, Teksilon founder and inventor. “That’s why we’re developing one of the safest pistol training systems that will hit the market. It’s called iPTS, the interactive Pistol Training System, that includes a multi-sensor training pistol with user-programmable Intelligent Recoil™, that uses no ammunition, works with a smartphone and tablet app and includes two interactive targets...not that dissimilar to some popular gaming equipment yet more sophisticated and focused on safe, fast and efficient drills.”

Teksilon has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the interactive Pistol Training System ( to raise awareness and funds to bring the iPTS to consumers.

iPTS is being designed to promote safe handling of pistols to gun owners of every experience level who wish to practice their skills, so they can be prepared to protect and defend themselves, their loved ones and their homes.

“One of the reasons we designed the iPTS training system in the way that we did,” said Kishon, “is that we wanted to come up with a much safer way for people to learn and to practice their skills to make them safer, more responsible gun owners. The most common way current gun owners practice their skills is through dry-fire using a real firearm. Unfortunately, with dry-fire there still can be a risk of an accidental discharge if a pistol’s magazine hasn’t been fully unloaded or if the shooter fails to check and clear the chamber of any remnant round of ammunition. With the iPTS system, there’s never a chance of that happening because the system doesn’t use ammunition at all.”

“We’re very excited about the interactive Pistol Training System and we’ve reached tens of thousands of social media subscribers who also have an interest in a realistic yet safe firearms training system and an interest in defending themselves — the vast majority of whom have responded positively and enthusiastically.”

“Unfortunately, promoting such a solution has its challenges. It's no secret that some social media sites believe that the promotion of a product like ours will encourage more Americans to purchase firearms and ammunition and as a result have been frustrating our attempts to run ad campaigns to promote the safe training system. Rather interesting when you consider that our electronic and wireless device that uses no ammunition somehow encourages the sale of ammunition,” said Kishon.

“One of the other driving reasons behind the development of the iPTS,” Kishon added, “is that we saw a need, especially for women, to be prepared and confident in handling a real firearm should they ever be confronted with a situation where their lives and the lives of those they love may be threatened. We adamantly believe that developing a safe training system to achieve that confidence and responsible gun handling ability is a good thing to do. We think it’s important to help diminish the numbers of needless victims of violent crime.”

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