R3 Software Solutions Limited Plan to Launch R3Engage Exit Intent Software In United States

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R3Engage Exit Intent Software from R3 Software Solutions Limited was launch a little over a year ago in the UK. Following on the form the success of the software, R3Engage is now planned for release in The United States.

R3Engage planned for release in the United States.

R3Engage is a ground breaking Exit Intent SaaS platform that can be used to access traffic (visitors) about to leave or abandon a website. Designed and built by the team at R3 Software Solutions Limited, a small yet robust technology company based in Nottinghamshire, who pride themselves on fast effective solutions which are created by their in-house team of creative and technological minds.

The journey began in 2013 when the R3engage software went into development at InterFinancial Limited, as a solution to an in house problem. Testing began in February of 2014 with a selection of in-house products to ascertain whether R3engage could monetise disengaging traffic across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. The results were phenomenal.

In March 2015 it was decided to set up R3Engage as a standalone entity and thus R3 Software Solutions Limited was formed to continue development of the product and ultimately take it to market. A re-development of the back end system took place to increase functionality of the software. A rebrand then took place in June 2015 as it was decided that R3Engage would be offered for use in any industry giving domain owners an additional opportunity to interact with approximately 60% of exiting visitors, gather all important M.I. about domain visitors, or continue the conversation with visitors once they have left the site.

Following on from the success in the UK, R3 Software Solutions Limited plan to release the software in the US. Following on from attending trade shows later in the year, R3 hope to open an office in New York and are also seeking to build relationships with portential partners able to provide a full reseller service.

What is Exit Intent and Exit Intent Technology and Software?

70-80% of domain visitors exit a site within the first 30 seconds.

80% of domain visitors exit a domain without completing any form of action.

Exit intent technology is software that allows communication with a visitor that is intending to leave a website.

Here is a basic offline analogy. If a company runs a shop in the high street, the lifeblood is customers coming through the door. The company will have paid a premium to be in the best position so it has to be said, therefore, that letting someone into the shop, browse around and then leave before getting the chance to say ‘May I help you?’ is not good business practice. It makes sense to maximise the buying potential of every customer that walks through the door. It costs nothing to say ‘May I help you?’ More to the point, what does it cost by not saying it?

It is the same with an online presence. Again it makes sense to get the most out of everyone that visits an ecommerce website. Otherwise, why have an online presence? Generating traffic to a website can be an expensive process, so it makes good business sense to maximise every visitor to the website. Most e-commerce sites strive to increase website conversion of 10 -20% of visitors that do engage with the site, so why not look at monetizing the 80 – 90% of people that leave the site without engaging?

So how does R3-Engage Exit Intent Software benefit an eCommerce website owner?

Effectively, R3-engage lets an eCommerce website owner interact with any visitor about to leave their website without engaging with the website content, be that buying something, completing (or part completing) a form, booking tickets or hotel rooms, signing up for a service, or whatever offer or service the website provides. It allows the ability to effectively say ‘May I help you?’ to everyone that attempts to exit the website.

However, it does more than that. It allows communication with the visitor, either trying to entice them to stay or buy something. Or it can be used as a simple cross sell opportunity. It can be used to re-direct them to another part of the website, or indeed a different website based on answers to questions posed. It can be used as an advertising medium for publishers. It could be used for educating visitors. In fact, it can be tailor made to do just about anything in order to monetise the exiting traffic. Imagine the power of being in a position to not just say ‘May I help you’ but also something like ‘That Jacket you were looking at – how would you like a 10% discount?’ or ‘May I ask what it was that you were looking for?’ or ‘What was it about the site that you didn’t like?’ Intel like that can be invaluable to a website owner. All these things and more can be achieved with R3-Engage.

R3-Engage will also give a clear insight into where visitors are leaving a site, how they leave the site and much more through its clever analytical engine.

So how does R3Engage actually work?

The R3-Engage software works by tracking website visitors digital body language. This allows the software to understand when one of the 9 or so exit triggers that exist across desktop, tablet or mobile phone are invoked. This then alerts R3-Engage to display a screen overlay with an offer, survey or whatever else is chosen to be displayed, to the customer that is about to leave.

These overlays can be utilised on any web page across a website and can also be as dynamic. The overlays can be very basic or content rich, even incorporating animation or video, and all with sound. Overlays can be customised as to how they are activated so they will only fire for particular exit triggers, or particular types of customer or specific traffic sources or whatever the specific requirements may be. It is fully customisable.

The important thing to remember is that R3-Engage works in a ‘live’ environment. This means that an eCommerce website owner can interact with lost customers whilst they are still on site. Not minutes, hours or days later when they have probably already found what they are looking for, but ‘right now’. This will also reduce bounce rate.

The R3Engage creative suite enables custom building of message to display to visitors, offering unparalleled flexibility and dynamic targeting. Once set up by using the design and integration wizard all that is required is by placing one line of code on the webpage in question, and R3Engage is up and running, gathering information to assist in developing strategies and gain a new level of understanding on visitors.

At the moment of writing, it is believed that R3-Engage is the only exit intent software available that functions properly on a mobile phone or tablet platform. With more and more traffic coming from these platforms, it makes sense to try to maximise conversion from all lost traffic.

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