GORE® Automotive Vents Introduces a New Adhesive Vent: Smaller Size, Proven Durability and Predictable Airflow

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With its new AVS 110 adhesive vent, W. L. Gore and Associates integrates innovative performance benefits into a smaller, 5 mm footprint.

With its new AVS 110 adhesive vent, W. L. Gore & Associates integrates innovative performance benefits into a smaller, 5 mm footprint.

This small-diameter, low-profile GORE® Adhesive Vent is perfectly aligned with the need to further miniaturize automotive control units, sensors, actuators and motors, and to better protect these high-value electronics from the rigors of under-hood and under-chassis environments. The vent’s 100% ePTFE all-membrane construction delivers the proven durability that the GORE™ Membrane is known for, reliably protecting against hazards such as splashes or immersions and automotive fluids.

Beyond its compact size, the AVS 110 adhesive vent delivers two innovative advantages. First, it offers a new level of balanced performance by enhancing and optimizing both Water Entry Pressure (WEP) resistance and airflow. And this optimized performance is reliably maintained even at the smaller size.

In addition, new AVS 110 is the first GORE® Adhesive Vent to offer a defined lower-and-upper airflow specification, for truly predictable airflow. With defined lower and upper specs, AVS 110 allows manufacturers to do 100% in-line testing of their assembled units, enhancing productivity, quality control and reliability in the field.

“The development of new AVS 110 focused on both size and specifications,” says Robert Lavertu, Product Specialist at Gore. “Of course we could deliver the lifetime durability of our all-membrane construction in a smaller size. But what matters is, at this size we maintain the right balance of WEP resistance and airflow, while providing the added benefit of a defined lower-and-upper-limit airflow spec. That is what sets AVS 110 apart.”

Terry Czerwinski, Gore’s Product Specialist for New Product Development, adds: “It’s an industry standard to specify a vent’s minimum, or typical, airflow. But until now, manufacturers have had to determine the upper limit for themselves: ‘How high will it go? How consistently? Under what conditions?’ That required extra testing, all along the line. AVS 110 is the first GORE® Adhesive Vent to provide a predictable, repeatable airflow spec at both ends of the range.”

Featuring a 100% ePTFE all-membrane construction with no backing material, new AVS 110 provides proven oleophobic and hydrophobic protection. The membrane’s high roll-off characteristic durably protects against leaks.

Designed for outside mounting using automated installation processes, AVS 110 incorporates a high-burst-strength silicone adhesive that reliably adheres to typical metal and plastic housing materials, including hard-to-weld plastics. This cut-part product is supplied on rolls (1-up, 6,000 pieces per roll).

For more information about GORE® Automotive Vents, visit http://www.gore.com/autovents or call 1-800-523-4673 (USA).


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