Like the Precise Facets of a Precious Gem, There are Precise Facets of a Perfect Smile—CDA Knows Them Well

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As with the precisely cut and polished facets of a diamond, a perfect smile radiates, flashes and brilliantly attracts. CDA founder John Moore, Jr., DDS, discusses the benefits of that smile.

Dr. Moore, founder of CDA, Discusses perfectly shaped teeth that sparkle like diamonds and the effect a smile has on a person's social life.

One female patient wouldn’t even consider dating until her teeth were corrected. Another man hadn’t gone out on a date in 20 years because of his teeth. The importance of that perfect smile cannot be overestimated.

Faithfully following pop culture, people today are forever in pursuit of physical perfection. It starts with a body squatted, stretched, jumped, toned and shaped through fitness programs. It carries on to skin nourished, pampered and nurtured to be soft and glowing. And it is, of course, finished off with an irresistible, radiant smile. CDA has found that just like a perfectly cut and polished diamond, that smile has very precise facets and attributes.

While mentioned last—and perhaps often the last factor addressed in the physique—that right-out-front smile is the element that generally makes the most lasting impression when meeting for the first time. In fact, a recent in-depth study showed that the smile alone has a significant positive impact on the overall attractiveness and perception of personality.1

Elsewhere, it has been found that a radiant smile is considered the most important aspect for a prospective date.2 That warm grin is also considered to be extremely essential to success in the business world.3

Leading cosmetic dentist John Moore, Jr., DDS, founder of CDA, certainly finds this to be true. “I have seen a great many patients who considered their dentistry to be the most important aspect of their appearance,” he said. “One female patient wouldn’t even consider dating until her teeth were corrected. Another man hadn’t gone out on a date in 20 years because of his teeth. The importance of that perfect smile cannot be overestimated.”

Because of the constantly increasing demand for dental perfection, Dr. Moore has placed artistry front and center in his approach to creating the perfect smile. In addition to his substantial studies in the subject of art undertaken at the beginning of his career, several years ago he studied with an award-winning diamond cutter, and decided to apply the sheer aesthetics of a diamond4 to the creation of life-like veneers.5

These subtle characteristics of teeth fall into the category of microaesthetics—one of the primary factors that must be taken into consideration by a cosmetic dentist prior to beginning work on a patient. Other factors include overall facial characteristics, gum appearance, and what are called macroaesthetics—the relationships and proportions between front teeth, surrounding tissue landmarks and facial characteristics.

But taking away all the high-flown scientific terminology, we are left with one very important fact: that a beautiful, perfect smile is everything.

About Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA)

World-renowned cosmetic dentist John Moore, Jr., DDS, established Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA) in San Antonio, Texas, more than 35 years ago. Educated as an artist and seeking the pinnacle of artistry for his profession, Dr. Moore is a pioneer of real aesthetics in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, CDA is among a select group of ultra-modern cosmetic dental offices that can offer patients treatments with solutions designed in an in-office dental lab. Visit

About John Moore, Jr., DDS

Dr. Moore decided to dedicate his life to dentistry after an orthodontist literally saved his smile from buck-toothed ruin at a young age. In addition to the normal training of a dentist in traditional math and sciences, Dr. Moore took the highly unusual step of engaging in formal art education. This combination has enabled a career of creating beautiful smiles “that sparkle”: life-like diamond-cut teeth that have empowered his patients to command the careers and live the lives they’ve always wanted.

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