Terra Privacy, LLC. Unveils First Cybersecurity Solution to Use Dynamically-Generated Whitelists to Stop Hackers

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Hacker Deterrent Pro uniquely generates constantly-changing whitelists on a moment-by-moment basis to ensure Internet traffic flows only to user-approved destinations

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Hacker Deterrent Pro

Now users finally have a 100% whitelisting solution to protect their digital lives from the constant barrage of hacking attacks.

Terra Privacy, LLC., today unveiled Hacker Deterrent Pro-- the first cybersecurity solution that provides the strength of whitelists without any of the traditional restrictions. 

Traditionally, whitelists had always been implemented as pre-configured lists of restrictions that limit what users can do. Hacker Deterrent Pro turns the traditional concept of whitelisting upside down. Hacker Deterrent Pro starts with zero entries in its whitelist. Then, destinations are continually inserted and removed from the whitelist in real-time, in concert with the user's activities; providing users with the unparalleled protection of whitelists while also maintaining their freedom to surf the net and download any software they choose. 


Consider how Hacker Deterrent Pro’s Transient Whitelist provides effective protection against browser-injected Trojans. To stop hackers, security systems must solely allow browsers to access open webpages and the additional connections needed to load each page; everything else must be blocked. Otherwise, browser-injected Trojans can freely connect to hackers' command and control servers - leaving the computer wide open to remote control and data loss.

"Incredibly, even the most popular cybersecurity products leave this gaping hole wide open - marking their customers easy prey for hackers to exploit," said Michael Wood, president and founder of Terra Privacy LLC.

For browser traffic, Hacker Deterrent Pro uniquely creates a real-time Transient Whitelist that solely contains the addresses of open webpages and the addresses of the connections necessary to load each page. All other browser traffic remains blocked. In other words, all browser-injected Trojans are blocked from connecting to hacker command and control centers (since the addresses of these command and control centers aren’t in the dynamically-generated Transient Whitelist). Hacker Deterrent Pro finally implements the security measure necessary to protect users against browser-injected Trojans.


Hacker Deterrent Pro also protects users against Trojans that inject themselves into non-browser apps. In general, non-browser apps solely need to talk to their makers. For example, Microsoft Word usually only needs to talk to its maker – Microsoft Corporation. As another example, Adobe Photoshop usually only needs to talk to its maker – Adobe Systems Inc. Therefore, Hacker Deterrent Pro uniquely shows the name of the maker of each app and the name of the owner of the internet destination that the app wants to talk to. This empowers users to solely whitelist apps to talk to their makers – blocking app-injected Trojans from making covert connections to hackers’ command and control centers.

Consider Trojan T9000 which recently bypassed all the leading cybersecurity products. Trojan T9000 injected itself into an app called explorer.exe to use the app to covertly connect to a hacker’s server at IP address By solely whitelisting explorer.exe to talk to its maker (Microsoft Corporation), then trojans such as Trojan 9000 are fully blocked from using the app to connect to a hacker’s server – regardless of the various IP addresses that hackers may try.

Hacker Deterrent Pro refers to this security measure as Maker-Based Whitelisting. Thus, browser traffic is protected by the unique Transient Whitelisting while app traffic is protected by the unique Maker-Based Whitelisting.


In addition, Hacker Deterrent Pro also uses Triple-DNS Whitelisting to protect the operating system traffic. Via three dynamic whitelisting methods working synergistically together, all internet traffic is protected in a 100% whitelisting framework.  With Hacker Deterrent Pro’s unique dynamic whitelisting technology: Only traffic to whitelisted sites enters the internet. 

“When it comes to stopping hackers, nothing’s more effective than whitelists. Now users finally have a 100% whitelisting solution to protect their digital lives from the constant barrage of hacking attacks,” said Wood.

Hacker Deterrent Pro is a fusion of Mr. Wood’s deep expertise in both network packet analysis and cybersecurity, and is a fulfillment of his mission to protect all computer users so they are never open to experiencing the same hacking ordeal that he himself experienced.


A free beta version of Hacker Deterrent Pro is available for download for a limited-time trial until the release of the commercial version on July 17, 2017. The beta software can be downloaded at Terra Privacy’s website: http://terraprivacy.com/hacker-deterrent-pro. The solution is priced at U.S. $39.99 per year per computer and is currently available for any Windows PC using Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Terra Privacy, LLC. is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was founded by Michael Wood. The company is a leader in developing cybersecurity solutions that prevent threats that are often undetected by the industry’s most popular security solutions. Prior to founding Terra Privacy, Wood was CEO of Calvin Anderson Networking, a producer of artificial intelligence-driven network traffic management systems. For further information, please visit: http://www.terraprivacy.com.

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