New Arisfor™ High Performance Multi-Surface Waterproofer is Powered by Nanotechnology

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Arisfor, LLC, a leading provider of coatings and sealers for a wide range of masonry and concrete surfaces, recently introduced its next-generation Multi-Surface Waterproofer (MSW).

Arisfor LLC, a provider of coatings and sealers for masonry and concrete surfaces, introduced a next-generation Multi-Surface Waterproofer which uses nanotechnology to form a superior moisture barrier

Using leading edge nanotechnology, the new Arisfor™ MSW forms a moisture barrier that integrates with the surface material, providing superior protection against the damaging effects of water intrusion, acids and deicing salts.

The new Arisfor MSW is the result of an association with Integricote™, the first nanotechnology spin-off company from the University of Houston, and currently based at Energy Research Park in the center of Houston, TX. The relationship was initiated when Arisfor’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Martin Doody, and Plant Manager, Chris Lovett, were introduced to Shay Curran, a professor of physics at the University of Houston, and CEO of Integricote.

By the time Doody and Lovett met up with Curran, Integricote had already received accolades for its unique coating formulations, originally designed to keep solar panel surface areas clean. Previously, Integricote had won two competitions for its innovative product. Curran and his team realized the potential for broader commercial application of their formulations as a superior waterproofing agent for a variety of surface types.

Working with Arisfor to develop the new MSW, the Integricote team deliberately moved away from traditional sealing agents. Curran explained, “Most sealing and coating formulations are polymer-based; they interact with the surface area they are designed to treat in a similar manner as paint, and will degrade under ultraviolet light over time.” Integricote developed a nanotechnology-based formulation that would bind to concrete and masonry from the inside out upon application. This enables the penetrating sealer to become an integrated, highly functional part of the concrete and masonry itself.

Arisfor MSW is designed to prevent corrosion, spalling and cracks caused by moisture, de-icing salts and chemicals, for new or untreated concrete construction, masonry and precast applications. The product is equally suited to both residential and commercial use, including home and commercial building facades, parking lots and decks, driveways and curbs, loading docks and ramps, and concrete sidewalks and stairs. Other applications include tile, limestone, granite, marble, slate, and even gravestones. Arisfor MSW is currently marketed in one and five gallon pails, and is applied with a standard sprayer.


Doody commented, “Arisfor MSW was already a great performing product. As we worked with Shay and his team, we recognized the opportunity to make it even better. The new Arisfor MSW powered by Integricote delivers a number of significant enhancements that we know will appeal to property owners and contractors alike.”

ONE-AND-DONE APPLICATION: The new Integricote-powered formula needs only a single coat application.

SIMPLE PREP: Many waterproofing products require multiple steps and extensive time to prepare a designated surface. With Arisfor MSW, the surface area simply needs to be cleaned down once, and it is ready for application.

FAST-CURING: The new Arisfor MSW formulation dries in less than 30 minutes and sets in less than two hours, minimizing back-end project downtime.

SURFACE STAYS THE SAME: Once applied, the surface area’s coefficient of friction does not change, and texture and color remain the same as well; the standard variety of product is clear.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Maintenance and re-application requires no special treatments to the surface. The surface area is simply wiped down, and Arisfor MSW is re-applied.

LONGER LASTING: Most other waterproofing products require annual reapplication as a standard. One application of Arisfor MSW lasts from two to six years before reapplication is required, depending on environmental factors and foot traffic.

HIGHLY RESISTANT FINISH: The new Arisfor MSW contains additives that impart a mold and fungal resistant finish.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Unlike other sealers, Arisfor MSW uses fluorine-free and non-perfluorocarbonated surfactants.

SHORT- AND LONG-TERM SAVINGS: With the one-and-done application and simple surface preparation, short-terms savings in material and labor are realized. Long-term savings are realized as well, through simplified maintenance and longer periods between reapplication.

Doody concludes, “Working with Shay and the Integricote team has been both successful and rewarding. This initial partnership with a technology company born from academia has enlightened us to a world of possibilities and opportunities. In working with Integricote, only one question remains: What can we come up with next?”

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Based in Grove City, PA, Arisfor, LLC is a leading provider of high-performance protective sealing and coating products for a variety of residential and commercial surfaces, including masonry, concrete and wood, metal and tile. The Arisfor product line currently includes Arisfor™ Multi-Surface Waterproofer, Arisfor ToughDeck™, Arisfor WallGuard™, Arisfor™ Retarder, and Arisfor™ Patch Kit. To learn more about Arisfor and its product line, please visit:


Integricote, a materials technology company, was born out of the need to solve issues in the field of surface treatments, initially in solar, and then multiple surfaces and substrates. Decades of knowledge from CEO Shay Curran’s research and expertise in nanoscience have resulted in the company’s ability to create highly effective surface-protecting solutions. Based in Energy Research Park, Houston, TX, some of Integricote’s intellectual property has been licensed from the University of Houston where it was developed by Curran’s research program at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. To learn more about Integricote, please visit:

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