eFabric Brings Economics of Cloud to the Edge of Internet

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Seattle-based startup Midfin Systems bets the "mainframe cloud" is going away and will be replaced by thousands of "edge cloudlets" on the Internet

But wait a minute! Isn't cloud the next big thing in technology world? A startup from Seattle begs to disagree.

"Back in the 70's, you had the mainframe computers. These were as big as entire rooms. Computer scientists and others rented them by the hour because they were extremely expensive to build and required special equipment and installation." said Suyash Sinha, the founder and CEO of Midfin Systems. "Today, smartphones that we carry in our pockets have more compute power than the mainframes of those days."

"The same is true for the cloud. Today, we all rent it because it is very expensive to build large enough datacenters which will provide the scale necessary to lower the cost of computing." Suyash adds. "It is kind of like buying electricity from a utility. We do it because it requires huge scale to generate electricity economically. But we already see that world is beginning to change dramatically with the solar power generation technology. Power is cheap to generate on-site, it can be stored on-site in batteries and consumed at will."

Suyash believes his company is about to change the cloud play with the new disruptive technology called eFabric(R) that his company has invented and brought to market. eFabric stands for "edge fabric" - a technology that cleverly separates application and user data from the cloud-scale management and operations capability. It allows the data to live anywhere customers want while still allowing the compute operations to be unified with cloud economics and scale. This brings better data security, governance and privacy while enjoying the scale benefits of a globally distributed architecture.

"eFabric is a game changer." Said Suyash. "With eFabric, data can be placed very close to the people and the connected smart things with much smaller Internet delays in accessing that data. This makes eFabric a perfect new paradigm for cloud computing - from enterprise cloud to the Internet of Things use cases."

Midfin Systems was recently recognized by CNBC as #13 on the world's most innovative startups. The founders are no strangers to the cloud. Suyash Sinha has a Computer Science degree from IIT Kanpur and has helped build technologies that power some of the largest cloud datacenters on the planet. Joy Ganguly, the CTO of the company, has a Computer Science degree from IIT Kharagpur and had helped build Amazon's massive cloud datacenters.

eFabric can be downloaded for a free trial at http://www.midfinsystems.com/experience-efabric/
Company website: http://www.midfinsystems.com
Contact: sales(at)midfinsystems.com

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