Effective Communication is Construction Industry’s Top Challenge

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Higher project costs, increased project failure rates and greater incidence of injury are just a few negative results of poor communication in the construction industry. BathMasters founder Greg Norman offers insight into the benefits of effective communication throughout construction projects.

Greg Norman, founder of BathMasters, discusses the dire need for stronger communications within the construction industry.

Proper communication is the key to project success. Not only does it make it easier for workers to get their jobs done at the construction site, but communicating with your client can also go a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction.

One of the top challenges for the construction industry continues to be effective communication.1 Even with myriad technological advances and plenty of fancy software, poor communication continues to plague the industry.1 Greg Norman, founder of BathMasters, shares first-hand knowledge regarding the importance of good communication on the construction site, as well as its necessity in managing client expectations.

The issues that arise from ineffective communication are not unique to the construction industry. Generally speaking, ineffective communication is the leading cause of one in five projects of any type being unsuccessful.2 In fact, companies generally risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent.2 And of that at-risk $135 million, 56%—or $75 million—is put in jeopardy purely due to ineffective communication.2

Project success is greatly determined by the effectiveness of communication. The Project Management Institute found that of those projects that had highly effective communications, 71% were on time, 76% were within budget, and 80% met their original goals.2 On the other hand, when it came to projects with minimally effective communications, a mere 37% were on time, 48% were within budget, and just 52% met their original goals.2

“Proper communication is the key to project success,” Norman stated. “Not only does it make it easier for workers to get their jobs done at the construction site, but communicating with your client can also go a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction.”

In construction, blueprints provide a standard guide to help ensure that everyone on the project is on the same page. However, that’s not the only form of communication necessary to complete a construction job. One seemingly small issue on a construction job can upset an entire site’s efficiency and throw the whole project off track.3 For example, if a utility company unwittingly cuts the temporary power line at a job site, no work can get done.3 For every tradesman who has nothing to do while waiting for power to be restored, money and time are lost.3

Poor communication can even prove deadly, as seen at a job site in Jacksonville, Florida, when an inspector was not given a complete, full-sized version of the revised blueprints which accounted for updated support materials.4 The structure later collapsed, causing one fatality and twenty injuries.4

Norman notes that, “One of our bedrocks at BathMasters is to always maintain a high level of communication both on the job and with our customers.” He states that this principle stems from days when he managed renovation and repair of properties, and saw first-hand that tradesmen who branch out on their own tend to have trouble juggling a full workload while attempting to effectively communicate with their customers. They struggle to return phone calls, fail to provide estimates, don’t show up at the job as agreed, and forget to provide notification phone calls when there is a schedule change.

BathMasters takes pride in having both the professional-level communications skills and top-quality craftsmanship necessary to provide an excellent product and superior customer service for residential homeowners. “We believe clear, precise communication is so important that we’ve created three showrooms with more than 50 separate, fully built bathroom displays allowing customers to see, feel and experience the products,” states Norman. He finds that there’s no better way to communicate with a client than being able to show them exactly what installation techniques and products will be used for their bathroom renovation.

Norman advises experienced contractors to stress the importance of proper and clear communication to younger contractors during their training. “By beginning to stress communication from the start, with younger inexperienced contractors, we can cut the problem off right at the source, making for a much safer and effective environment for the entire industry.”

About BathMasters:

BathMasters is a Virginia plumbing, electrical and building contractor company with showrooms and warehouses in Northern Virginia and the Tampa Bay Area (Florida). BathMasters is rapidly expanding to meet the demand of its customers for high-quality, full-service bathroom renovations and tub-to-shower conversions built to last the test of time. With thousands of custom bathroom remodel jobs under its belt, BathMasters has become the premier choice for all bathroom renovation needs.

Co-founders and brothers Gregory and David Norman grew up in a family of masters: their father was a master plumber, and their uncles worked as a master electrician, master carpenter, and class A home builder. The Norman family legacy has always been about high-quality work, never cutting corners, and an unparalleled commitment to communication, honesty and integrity in their dealings with homeowners. It is this legacy that Gregory and David carry forward at BathMasters. Their mission is to improve the skill level of bathroom installers through their extensive workforce training programs, to the benefit of homeowners and the industry itself. Visit BathMastersVirginia.com and BathMastersFlorida.com.

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