LaserCoil Technologies Announces Multi-Mode Feed Capability for Increased Blanking Speeds

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Laser blanking from metal coil stock continues to develop as increasing speed capabilities make it a viable alternative to mechanical stamping of blanks

LaserCoil Technologies has enhanced its laser blanking systems with a new continuous mode feature, helping to improve processing speeds.

The ability to change between Index Mode and Continuous Mode allows our customers to select the option that offers the best production run from a rate and reliability standpoint.

LaserCoil Technologies LLC has announced the addition of Continuous Mode (On the Fly Cutting) capability to its coil-fed laser blanking systems enabling users to choose either Feed Index Mode (Stop/Start) or Continuous Mode in order to optimize cutting parameters for each part configuration, increasing processing rates and enhancing quality. To illustrate the process, LaserCoil has posted a 2:15 minute video on the home page of its website at

“The introduction of our multiple head systems featuring 6kW lasers had already enabled LaserCoil systems to reach high processing speeds,” said LaserCoil Technologies Chief Technology Officer Jay Finn. “But the ability to change between Index Mode and Continuous Mode allows the customer to select the mode that offers the best production run from a rate and reliability standpoint.”

“Most parts will run faster in continuous mode, which offers a smooth and steady mode of operation. This would be a mode of choice for customers with production runs that are 10,000 blanks and over,” Finn elaborated. “In some instances, the length of a single cut path can take longer than the existing cutting window allows at the faster production rate. Rather than split the cuts between the heads, index mode allows the user to choose a mode where the cut can be completed prior to indexing the material.”

LaserCoil Technologies’ coil-fed laser cutting systems feature gantry-mounted laser heads stationed in multiple cutting cells that travel along the moving strip, and balancing the workload. The laser cutting heads, using linear-induction motors, enable cutting of tightly nested, complex curvilinear shapes while the system’s dynamic profile conveyor features adjustable lanes that support the coil strip while automatically repositioning as needed to clear a path for the laser cut. This feature also facilitates gravity-shedding of scrap and offal, delivering completely finished blanks without any scrap to any type of stacking system.

Importantly, from a capital investment standpoint, LaserCoil systems are flexible and can integrate with any coil line automation, as well as be retrofit into aging blanking press lines.

By laser cutting direct from coil stock, LaserCoil systems provide a fast and flexible approach to blanking that is well-suited for production environments running multiple blank profiles and mixed material types. The systems can process a wide variety of coil material in aluminum, mild steel, the new high-strength steels, and other materials for surface sensitive panels as well as structural components in thicknesses from 0.5 to 3.5mm and up to 2.1 m wide coil at any length.

For more information on this approach to laser cutting of coil strip or see the video of a system running in continuous mode, visit


About LaserCoil Technologies
LaserCoil Technologies LLC provides metal fabricating systems and solutions featuring advanced and patented technologies for laser cutting of blanks, based on over half a decade of research and successful production runs since 2011. The technology originated out of Automatic Feed Company, a known innovator in pressroom automation with nearly 65-years manufacturing expertise focused on blanking and cut-to-length lines. This depth of experience provides LaserCoil the right qualifications to deliver effective and unique press feeding technology to the market.

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