The Modern and Easy Way to Chase Away Pests and Vermin

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The new Azoker Ultrasonic Pest RepellerChase bugs and rodents away using ultrasonic waves. Clean, safe, silent and easy to use, one device covers an area up to 1,200 square feet in size.

Vermin and insects can lurk undetected in the walls, attics, basements and garages of even the newest and cleanest homes, and these uninvited and unwelcome guests tend to gather and multiply during the summer months. Clearing a home of ants, cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats has traditionally involved using toxic chemicals that can harm people and pets as well as bugs, but the product engineers at Azoker have developed a new and innovative way to keep homes pest free that is clean, safe and easy to use.

Instead of noxious smelling and dangerous poisons that can leave homes uninhabitable for days on end or bait traps that quickly fill with dead and decaying bugs, the new Azoker Pest Repeller uses silent and safe ultrasonic frequencies to clear an area of up to 1,200 square feet of rodents and insects. These frequencies cannot be heard by people, dogs or cats, but they drive pests and vermin crazy. Cockroaches, spiders and mice become agitated and desperate to get away as soon as the Azoker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is switched on, and the device will continue to work as long as it is connected to a reliable power supply.

Chemicals must be sprayed regularly to keep homes pest free, and this can be both expensive and disruptive. The Azoker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller provides a lifetime of pest deterrence for just a few pennies worth of electricity each week with no supplies to buy or chemicals to run out of. Azoker sells their innovative ultrasonic pest control devices in packages of two, and they are usually able to completely clear a medium-sized room of troublesome insects, rodents and arachnids in about three weeks. Several devices may be needed to deal with particularly heavy infestations or clear large spaces. Another benefit to using science rather than toxicology to get rid of pests is that there is no mess to clean up afterward. Bugs don’t die, they just leave.

Ultrasonic frequencies can’t travel through walls like radio waves, and Azoker’s latest pet repelling devices work best when they are placed about 30 centimeters from the floor, are left unobstructed and can transmit to their targets directly. Those who keep pet rodents like hamsters or gerbils may wish to move their animals to a different room before switching the device on. The Azoker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller was painstakingly developed and has been rigorously tested, and it is backed up by a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Azoker’s engineers use the latest technology to solve problems that have plagued homeowners for centuries, and the household products company is able to keep its prices low by cutting out middlemen and selling directly to the public. A package of six Azoker Ultrasonic Pest Repellers is currently available on for only $26.47. Questions and inquiries should be sent to support(at)azoker(dot)com.


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