ALIS, Japan's first ICO for a non-ad dependent social media platform with blockchain technology, is starting token sale in September 1st.

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ALIS Hong Kong LIMITED announced the start of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) released by ALIS, Japan’s first social media platform using blockchain technology. CEO Masahiro Yasu believes ALIS is Japan’s first ICO for media providers.

Official Website:
The token sale is scheduled to start at 2:00AMP(UTC) on September 1st, 2017.

  • Project’s Background and Goals

There are two main reasons that inspired this project. First, we find it difficult for existing media to fulfill its responsibility to deliver trustworthy information to its users when the media is focused on PVs (paid views). This causes fake news and fraudulent information. Secondly, blockchain technology and ICO is not well-known in Japan.

ALIS is aiming to overturn the existing rules of media and the way advertisements are valued by PVs. People can quickly access trustworthy articles with the platform that ALIS is offering.

We also believe that it is possible to change the way people view blockchain technology and ICO in Japan by becoming a test case and clarifying legal interpretation and concerns surrounding ICOs.

  • Mechanism behind the Blockchain Social Media ”ALIS”

ALIS’s mechanism as a social media platform is explained in simple terms below.

1.    The writer posts articles on ALIS.
2.    Other users evaluate the article.
3.    Evaluated writer will earn tokens.
4.    Users that evaluated articles earlier will earn tokens as well.

Creators and evaluators of articles appreciated by others will receive more tokens. ALIS will be a social media platform where people can search and find trustworthy articles and people through rewards.

Details are explained in the whitepaper.( ALIS tokens are similar to point programs, which can be exchanged with other crypto currencies such as Ethereum.

*ALIS tokens CANNOT be exchanged for other crypto currencies during and after the ICO. It will be possible to exchange tokens after ALIS is listed.

As more users join ALIS’s social media platform, the distribution of ALIS tokens will increase, thus increasing the value of ALIS tokens. Releasing and selling tokens that are raised on the market will generate the profit of this business.

After the release, minor topics related to crypto currencies and tokens are assumed to be the core of this service initially, however the topics will expand to other domains like online review sites. ALIS is also considering releasing new services based on the accumulated data provided by users.
A social media business without advertisement, like STEEM, is garnering worldwide attention because it is totally different from existing social media that focuses on PVs.

Summary of the ICO
Financing of the ICO will start by issuing 500 million tokens. 50% of the issued tokens will be the target of exchange with Ethereum. The maximum distribution will be 250 million tokens and the stakeholders of ALIS will hold the remaining 250 million. It will be used as an incentive for the sustainable development of the ALIS platform.

Important policies will be determined by the user community of ALIS, thus protecting ALIS from stakeholders monopolizing the platform’s operation rights.
The token sale will start on the official website from 2:00AM (UTC) on September 1st, 2017. You can quickly catch the latest information about ALIS from the official slack community.
Official Slack Community:

  • Team Members

Masahiro Yasu:Founder
Yasu is a graduate from Kyoto University, the university with the highest number of Nobel Prize Winner recipients in Japan. He majored in nuclear fusion and analyzed alfven eigenmode raised in helical plasma by Fortran. After graduation he joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (The 2nd largest HR company in the world, also the parent company of Indeed). Yasu is experienced in business development, including business strategy and the system development of several products, such as business SNS and referral tool. He also actively worked on machine learning and natural language analysis, and received the GROWTH FORUM Award, which is the highest prize in Recruit.

Takashi Mizusawa:Co-Founder / Marketing
Takashi started a venture company as a university student. After graduation he started his career at the worldwide famous Benesse Corporation. After winning the company's annual MVP in his first year, he worked mainly in business development such as student SNS and education services on tablets. After working at Benesse for 6 years, he joined Recruit Career Co., Ltd., known for connecting "learning" and "working". There he gained experience in business development of MOOC and referral tool. He is interested in using social networks in HR. He envisions a world where individuals can earn success through their own unique abilities.
Sota Ishii:Co-Founder / Engineering
Sota has over 13 years of experience as a system engineer. He took on the role as a development leader of a famous Japanese HR company. During his time there, he created an award-winning HR system that contributed to the company's service growth. He is interested in new technologies and business, taking on roles in varies positions. He strongly believes that blockchain technology will be a widespread standard within in a few years. Due to the recent rise of crypto currency, he has committed himself to the ALIS project.

Bato Erichin:Communication / Engineering
Bato graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in Thermal Engineering. He also received a master's degree from the Chinese Academy of Science, with a focus on supercomputing base large-scale parallel CFD. After graduating in 2014, he joined Recruit Co., Ltd. and now is a full stack engineer. He is experienced in iOS, Android, frontend, backend and UI/UX design. He also plays the role as the bridge of communication for our Chinese users on Weibo, Wechat, and other famous SNS in China.

Tatsuhiko Kamei:Regal department
Kamei graduated from Japan’s most prestigious university, the University of Tokyo. In addition to the ALIS project, he currently works for Recruit Co., Ltd. as a member of the legal staff. He handles different fields such as IT, web services, marketing, human resource and etc. He specializes in the legal affairs of new business developments.

Kenta Nakamura:Media and Mass communication
Nakamura is the president of the Japan Direction Association. He has had huge success as a media director in various fields, involved in projects such as the production of BITA DIGIMA Lab and development of natural-language engines. He is also known as a “growth consult” for Kaizen Platform. His major publications include "Web Director's Textbook" and "Latest Practice for Web Direction".

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