Celebrate Labor Day Without Damaging Your Teeth/Braces

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Enjoy your long weekend but don't regret it later with tips from Propel Orthodontics

In America, summertime is synonymous with grilling season. So, it comes as no surprise that Labor Day is one of the most popular days of the year for people to host a backyard barbeque. When planning a menu or piling a plate high at a family gathering there are some foods that are best for people to avoid when they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Propel Orthodontics has created the following lists of foods that you may want to avoid or limit during Labor Day celebrations as well as some suggested alternatives that are gentler on teeth.

Corn on the Cob – Corn itself is not bad for your pearly whites. But, eating it off the cob can be risky when wearing braces. There is the potential to accidentally damage your wires and brackets, causing an unexpected trip to your orthodontist.
Tip: Prepare your corn as you normally would but when it comes time to eat, remove the kernels from the cob.

Ribs + Chicken Wings – Sugar is not the only cavity culprit lurking in your secret family barbeque recipe. Vinegar can also wreak havoc on teeth by breaking down enamel with its high acidic content. Eating the meat directly off the bone can also damage your orthodontic appliances.
Tip: Try dressing meats with fresh herbs and olive oil as a lighter, vibrant alternative for your palate. Additionally, cut meat off the bone to help keep it from becoming stuck in your brackets and wires.

Soda + Fruity Mixers – The weather is likely going to be hot in most of the country this holiday weekend, so it is important to stay hydrated! While water is the best option, you will likely see a lot of BBQ favorites like soda, wine spritzers, etc. These drinks are filled with sugar and acid, both enemies of your enamel.
Tip: Try infusing water with fruit or swap soda for naturally flavored fizzy water that contains no sugar.

Dips – The saucy goodness should be fine for your teeth if you drink water after eating acidic items like salsa. Dairy based dips filled with melted cheese or sour cream are even great sources of calcium. But, the crunchy vegetables and tortilla chips can be too hard to bite into without causing damage to your braces.
Tip: Steam veggies to make them softer and swap chips for pita bread.

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