Canary Mail Introduces First Mac and iOS Email App with PGP Security

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New email app makes cutting-edge email encryption as easy and hassle-free as modern chat apps, such as WhatsApp while maintaining beautiful design

With it’s sleek, modern design and PGP security, Canary Mail aims to make email encryption as seamless to use as WhatsApp has made it for chat - Sohel Sanghani

Canary Mail, the secure email app for Mac, iPhone and iPad, today launched out of beta with 40,000 users, funding from a Fortune 500 organization, and amazing reviews (avg 4.4 / 5). Designed for security conscious users, Canary features the most secure PGP encryption technology available. PGP offers exceptionally strong email encryption - which as per Ed Snowden - not even the NSA can crack.

“Email security has lagged behind today’s threats for some time,” said Sohel Sanghani, co founder of Canary Mail. “The remarkable thing about the DNC hack and other simple phishing attacks, is that they don’t take a top-notch state-sponsored hacking outfit to pull off - in terms of difficulty, it’s a weekend project for any bored college sophomore with a background in computer science. Open source encryption protocols are available that that provide an extremely high level of email security, but the problem is that they are too complicated for the average consumer to use.”

Enter Canary. With it’s sleek, modern design and PGP security, the app aims to make email encryption as seamless to use as WhatsApp has made it for chat, allowing users to email securely via their preferred email provider (Gmail, Office365, iCloud) with a level of security that has so far been inaccessible in consumer mail apps. It is also the only email app to have Mac, iPhone and iPad versions that can seamlessly integrate with every email provider for a one time fee.

How it works:
Canary automates the key exchange needed for end-to-end encryption. The email is encrypted on the sender’s device and decrypted on the recipient’s device, using keys that only they possess. At no point in the middle is the email in plain-text, so even if the email account were to be hacked, all that the attacker would see is garbled text. This also prevents major email providers from scanning full email text for targeted ad delivery. Advanced users can choose to use their existing PGP keys and manage them manually, if they prefer.

Additional Unique Features

  • Push vs. Fetch. Unlike most mobile email apps which use Push notifications, where third parties can access your entire email archive at-will, Canary offers the option to use Fetch - the secure method where email is checked directly from the device. App-access can be protected via TouchID, so only the user can access their emails.
  • Read Tracking. Canary offers read-tracking to allow users to know when an email has been read. This makes email more interactive by letting you know what happens after you hit send.
  • Natural Language Search: Smart, natural language search lets you easily find files and emails. For example documents from a client, photos from dad, or receipts this month.
  • Snooze. The app allows you to snooze emails to deal with them at your convenience - they are hidden from inbox and returned at a specified time, to reduce clutter and deliver a timely reminder.
  • Beautifully Designed. With an intuitive and un-intimidating design, the unified inbox is gorgeous. Canary beautifies email text by reducing clutter, stripping annoying styling and making several other edits to enhance readability.
  • Algorithmic Email Sorting: Some mail isn’t spam, but it is mundane and ends up cluttering inboxes quickly (social media notifications, newsletters, etc). Canary uses proprietary algorithms to identify such email, moves them out of the focused inbox, and also allows easy archival / deletion.
  • Integrations: Google Drive & Dropbox for file sharing, iCloud for settings sync, TodoIst, Things, iCal, & Google Calendar for task management, Keybase & MIT keyservers for PGP

Download Canary for Mac:
Download Canary for iOS:

“Email, as it’s used and setup today, is broken and insecure,” said Sanghani. “Yahoo alone lost at least 500M passwords. 62% of email received is not important and should be processed automatically, not manually. And 28% of the work day is spent reading and responding to email. Our mission is to make email not only effortless, but also more secure by shifting the workload from the user to the app.”

About Canary Mail
Canary Mail is a secure mail app for Mac, iPhone & iPad, which provides end-to-end encryption across all popular IMAP providers, including Gmail, Office365, iCloud, etc. Founded in 2016 by brothers Dev (Caltech, Pocket Gems) and Sohel Sanghani (Bridgewater Associates, Johns Hopkins SAIS), who were appalled at the state of email security, Canary aims to make cutting-edge email encryption as easy and hassle-free as it is in modern chat apps, such as WhatsApp. Vetted by 40,000+ users while in beta, the app offers exceptional performance in an elegant, intuitive design. Canary is now available for download on the Mac ($10) and iOS ($5) App Stores.

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