Industry First Precision P-Channel Zero Threshold MOSFET Array Enables Sub-Threshold Circuits for Ultra-Low Power Applications

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New semiconductor technology creates devices that extend circuit operations into previously unavailable ranges for Energy Harvesting and IoT sensing.

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Advanced Linear Devices Inc. (ALD), a design innovation leader in analog semiconductors, today announced a zero-gate threshold voltage EPAD P-Channel MOSFET Array launching the industry’s first precision sub-threshold circuit. The MOSFET currently has the industry’s lowest operating voltage of 0.2 Volt (V) and current of less than one nano amp (nA). These chips enable the operating regions required for the next generations of development in energy harvesting, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors applications.

The ALD310700A/ALD310700 quad zero threshold MOSFET is intended for the development of small signal precision applications utilizing 0.00V Zero Threshold Voltage. The circuit is ideal for designs requiring very low operating voltages of < +0.5V power supplies. Allowing circuits to operate in the subthreshold region for the first time ever, expands the MOSFET’s operating range into never-before achieved signal levels.

The new MOSFET simplifies circuit biasing schemes and reduces component counts while providing greater precision and sensitivity of sensor applications for IoT engineers. The P-Channel MOSFET can work in conjunction with ALD N-Channel Zero Threshold MOSFET devices in matched sensor applications. The ALD310700A/ALD310700 is the P-channel version of the popular ALD110800A/ALD110800 Precision Zero Threshold N-channel device. Together, these two MOSFET series deliver complementary precision performance. These complementary paired devices enable the design of 0.5% precision current mirrors, current sources, and circuits referenced to power or ground sources including differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates and multiplexers.

Notable Device Features

  •     Precision offset voltages (VOS): 2mV max.; 10mV max.;
  •     Low minimum operating voltage of less than 0.2V;
  •     Ultra-low minimum operating current of less than 1nA:
  •     Matched and tracked temperature characteristics.

“These devices operate at a point with 100 times lower power than comparable MOSFET arrays. More importantly they enable the next generation of applications at power levels and precision that were impossible until now,” said Robert Chao, President, and Founder, Advanced Linear Devices Inc. “These arrays offer circuit designers working on IoT nodes that require matched sensor activity a method to collect power from supercapacitors or deep cycle batteries.”

As an example, some potential energy harvesting sources, such as thermal electric generators that yield just 0.2V, produce such low levels of energy that they are barely useful for driving power in electronic circuitry. The ALD P-Channel Zero-Threshold (VGS(th)=0.00) EPAD MOSFET arrays can be coupled with a low voltage step-up converter to give low-level power sources a greater range as an energy harvesting source.

This device is available in a quad version and is a member of the EPAD® Matched Pair MOSFET Family. The parts can be ordered directly from ALD or DigiKey and Mouser. Prices start at $2.00 at 100 pieces.

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Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. (ALD) is a design innovation leader in analog semiconductors specializing in the development and manufacture of precision CMOS linear integrated circuits, including analog switches, A/D converters and chipsets, voltage comparators, operational amplifiers, energy harvesting systems, analog timers, and conventional and precision EPAD MOSFET transistors. For more information about Advanced Linear Devices go to

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