Conversable Launches AQUA 2.0 to Match Conversational Intelligence with Every Business Need

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AQUA 2.0 allows customers to add personality, answer FAQs, and scale engagement across all major messaging platforms

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It’s about time we stopped treating bots like science experiments and started shipping high-ROI bots at the speed of business.

Conversable today announced the launch of AQUA 2.0 (Answer Queries Using AI). The new adaptive response system now includes three tiers of query management, including Basic, Care, and Engage. Following a successful release of AQUA 1.0 in early 2017, the company has invested heavily to expand the capabilities of the system, working closely with Fortune 500 customers to pilot new features. As a result, customers will be able to choose which AQUA features and capabilities best suit their needs, making Conversable uniquely customizable in a market full of one-size-fits-all-bots.

Using machine learning, NLP, and pre-trained data sets, AQUA is the first way to meaningfully improve conversational intelligence at scale. AQUA 2.0 allows major brands to improve throughput of brand voice, answer FAQs while reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction scores, and engage with their customers at scale on the platforms of their choice.

The customization provided by the three tiers means that brands can focus on what their business needs most. Basic helps brands build in brand personality and build conversation that flows naturally using pre-trained responses to common interactions. Care uses natural language processing and machine learning to answer the most frequently asked questions, both known and unknown. Engage focuses on customer engagement at scale using machine learning and custom business rules, automatically with an unlimited number of predefined responses.

“This is the only bot platform that can do this much right out of the box,” said Ben Lamm, CEO of Conversable. “It’s about time we stopped treating bots like science experiments and started shipping high-ROI bots at the speed of business. That’s exactly why we built AQUA. If you want to be up and running in a matter of weeks, we should be your first call.”

The rise of messaging and voice platforms, driven by consumer behavior, brings a sea change in how people interact with technology and opens many new paths for those interactions. According to 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index research, half of consumers said they preferred text/chat/messaging for all customer service interactions. And now, messaging apps have 20% more monthly active users than social networks. The continued advancement of Artificial Intelligence make these interactions across the channels consumers prefer more and more powerful and efficient.

“The Achilles Heel of the bot ecosystem today is that the one-size-fits-all model gives too much of everything, and not enough of the right things,” said Andrew Busey, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Conversable. “AQUA is the first product that actually allows you to pay for what you need, and add on later. It’s the adaptability that the businesses of today want, and require.”

The three tiers of AQUA include:

Basic: add personality to your experience
Basic is a pre-trained set of smalltalk that allows your conversation to flow naturally. It includes basic responses to common interactions with users like “hi” or “how are you.” Conversable includes these pre-trained interactions in all implementations which enable you to quickly add personality to your experience that is consistent with your brand voice.

Care: answer frequently asked questions, quickly respond to new questions
Care uses natural language processing and machine learning to answer your customers’ most frequently asked questions and provide your team with tools to quickly identify and create standard answers to new questions. The goal is to reduce escalation rates to your social care teams, reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Engage: automate customer engagement at scale
Engage focuses on customer engagement at scale using machine learning and custom business rules. Instead of manually responding to positive feedback, use Engage to recognize that feedback and respond with an unlimited number of predefined responses. Customize when and how you respond based on rules you set i.e. randomize the response or only automate responses to users that meet certain criteria.

In addition to the adaptive response tiers Conversable provides Insights and Training tools. Insights provides a real-time bird's eye view of conversational experiences, and allows users to gain insight into what topics are popular, and which topics are yielding good outcomes. The AQUA training tool empowers brands to interact directly with each AQUA products, simulate interactions to see how the system will respond and validate answers to ensure the system is responding in the optimal way. Machine learning helps suggest appropriate answers from the existing knowledge base and identify queries that do not have relevant responses yet.

Conversable piloted AQUA 2.0 with several major Fortune 500 companies. It will be generally available to all customers in Q3 2017.

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About Conversable

Conversable is a conversational intelligence platform. We power the intersection of AI with messaging and voice. Our AI-driven platform helps brands reach their customers with automated experiences on all major messaging and voice applications. Global brands trust our technology to enable conversational commerce, resolve common customer requests, and deliver content on-demand to reach their customers where they are.

Conversable was founded by Andrew Busey and Ben Lamm. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with additional offices in Dallas. To learn more, please visit

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