Digital Hospital, Inc. Invents Smart Sensor Medical Measurement Technology

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New IP Promises to reduce medical mistakes through advanced digital accuracy.

San Jose, CA- A Silicon Valley startup, Digital Hospital, Inc., (DHI) has created a new Volumetric Smart Sensor technology (VSS) that promises to improve the measurement of the medication inside a syringe to a more exacting degree than the currently used gravimetric accuracy.

Phil Wyman, Digital Hospital’s CEO, says, “We have been experimenting in the area of optical physics known as the reflection and refraction at spherical surfaces. Phil Curtis, our Head of Engineering Development, with determined scientific research and experiment, managed to build our new technology, which promises greater safety for hospitals by increasing the accuracy of medication for patients and nurses, as well as cost savings and speed increases over the existing technology.”

Digital Hospital’s first product using the new smart sensor is a medical device which enables the accurate verification and documentation of insulin administered in a hospital setting. The device discerns the correct type and dosage of insulin in a syringe, thus reducing human error. Documentation of dose administered doesn't rely on human data entry, and is accurately recorded in the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people in the US will experience a mistake in their medical care in their lifetime. Insulin is associated with 33% of serious medication errors. Dosing errors can cause hypo or hyperglycemia resulting in prolonged length of stay, morbidity and mortality. Until now, there was no true and accurate confirmation of syringe doses of subcutaneous insulin administered in hospitals, leaving room for unaccountable human error.    

Digital Hospital is going to make a huge impact on reducing the cases of accidental death when a nurse gives a diabetic patient the wrong dose of insulin. The device will not only help to save lives, it also saves in healthcare costs because it reduces insulin waste while contributing to safer healthcare. The shift to this new technology that ties into medical record management systems not only saves time of caregivers, but reduces system costs and improves workflow. Digital Hospital's ability to seamlessly integrate with the hospital's EHR using natural language processing creates a seamless flow of information within a digital health care infrastructure and can transform the way care is delivered. This integration also reduces costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety and reduced duplication of verification.

"The Digital Health industry is on investors’ minds and is on-track for a record year with billions being invested,” said Wyman. He adds "We hope to attract investors who are passionate about advanced medical technology and the opportunity to help save lives.” If you want to get involved please visit

About Digital Hospital:
Digital Hospital Inc. is a startup medical hardware and software company with current IP and a proof of concept hardware. DHI has created a medical device which uses advanced computer vision intelligence to discern the correct type and dosage of medication in a syringe, thus reducing human error. The device helps to insure patient safety by double checking the medication and dosage that the nurse has drawn up in the syringe and is accurately recorded in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Digital Hospital's product will cut hospital costs by reducing the amount of insulin wastage, while reducing dosage errors which can cause hypo or hyperglycemia in patients, which can result in prolonged length of stay, morbidity and mortality. For more information or for investment opportunities, please visit
digitalhospitalinc dot com.

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