Healing Bipolar Disorder from the Inside Out

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Get an inside perspective of the struggles and triumphs of bipolar disorder with Shelby Holmberg.

Battling Bipolar by Shelby Holmberg

Battling Bipolar

"For my readers that suffer from bipolar disorder, know that I am living—still breathing proof—that it does get better. To the families that have loved ones who suffer from this disorder, behind it is a human—a savable soul full of potential.”

It's a feeling of free falling; heart in your throat, high on life and hoping it will never end. It's a feeling of desperation; overwhelming pain, worthlessness and begging for it to end it. Welcome to the roller coaster of bipolar disorder. Welcome to Shelby Holmberg's life.

We all have secrets. Some of us keep them. Some of us live them. Some of us tell them.

When Shelby Holmberg realized she was living hers, She wrote it down, start to finish. Holmberg wrote every elation and depression into a book so others would know that they are not alone and there is hope. During the time of enduring the lows of bipolar disorder, conquering the battle seemed impossible and unfathomable. Having outsiders to this disorder tell her “it will get better” did nothing to help. Shelby Holmberg wrote this book to tell readers from an inside perspective that it gets worse before it gets better. This book is a testament to the latter— it does get better. This book is her journey of hurt and healing from the inside out.

Excerpt: The sleep is so comforting. It covers me like a quilted duvet; it's heavy and I cling to its warmth. The darkness here deafens me but with it comes peace and serenity. I sigh in relief and am surprised to feel a cold sensation in my lungs. Waking up, the frigid air flowing in pierces my veins with icicles sending my body into convulsive chills. The tiles of the bathroom floor are so cold against my face they burn. Their decorative pattern, littered with empty orange pill bottles and the crinkled golden wrapper from atop a champagne bottle, swirls into my line of view sending my stomach reeling. Vomit lurches from between my pale, cracked lips cascading down my cheek and resting soggily in my hair. God drags me upright to my hands and knees to allow a breath to fill my lungs again amidst the bile choking me with acidity. Blood pulsates to my head as my body refuses to lift it higher than my heart, causing darkness to seep into my vision. Help, I think, but cannot form the words. Left leg first, I lift one knee, then the other, followed by hand, then hand and slowly slither my way against the tile floor out of the bathroom towards the sound of life and slowly, I back away from Hell.

Author Shelby Holmberg was born and raised in Mitchell, South Dakota. She grew up in a rural conservative community in a loving family of five. She began to experience symptoms of bipolar disorder at the age of thirteen and was finally diagnosed May 12, 2012 at 17 years old. This is not uncommon as only one in four people receive an accurate diagnosis within three years of combating symptoms.

Shortly after turning 18 and enduring one of the worst manic episodes of her life, Shelby met her husband Jared and his son Gaige. She loved them from day one. Though it's been a learning experience for all, including Shelby, Jared and family have been her biggest advocates in the battle against bipolar disorder.

In July of 2013 Shelby, with help from family, opened a local coffee shop “Hot Shots” which she still enjoys pouring time into. In June of 2016 Shelby and Jared exchanged vows and had their Big Fat Bipolar Wedding.

The following month, Shelby opened a local pet boutique to pursue her passion for pets. Currently Shelby runs both the coffee shop, the pet boutique and an animal rescue non-profit. When she's not working, she adores being a mom to her stepson Gaige and her eclectic menagerie of animals. Shelby continues to seek regular medical care for her bipolar disorder and is an advocate for mental illness awareness.

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