SuperOffice Introduces New GDPR-related Functionality

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SuperOffice has become one of the few CRM software developers in Europe to offer a GDPR-ready set of features for its existing and potential customers.

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At SuperOffice, we’ve always respected privacy

After 2 years of hard work and intense research into the GDPR’s legal requirements and implementation challenges, SuperOffice has become one of the few CRM software developers in Europe to offer a GDPR-ready set of features for its existing and potential customers.

“I am particularly proud that SuperOffice now offers real, tangible features that support the GDPR requirements,” says Guttorm Nielsen, Chief Product Officer. “We have worked hard over the last two years to understand exactly how a CRM system is affected by the new regulation. And now, with the GDPR coming into effect in just 2 months, SuperOffice is ready.”

The new and improved SuperOffice CRM 8.2 version will offer dedicated functionality that will help businesses meet the GDPR requirements of storing, protecting and managing personal data of the EU citizens – from the time they are created as contacts in SuperOffice CRM until they are deleted or removed.

“I’m a strong advocate of the GDPR message. The regulation offers protection of the essential right of every person – the right to privacy,” says Gisle Jentoft, CEO. “At SuperOffice, we’ve always respected privacy. That’s why we welcome the challenge and are now ready to help others succeed in their business by offering them a system which will help them on their journey to becoming GDPR compliant.”

SuperOffice intends to roll out the GDPR functionality in waves throughout 2018.

Today will see the release of the first and most important wave, as SuperOffice now offers a set of core GDPR features, such as consent management, subscription management and bulk updates, to help a company get control of their CRM data with data security and privacy protection in mind every step of the way.

Seamlessly integrated into SuperOffice CRM and created in line with the key GDPR requirement – Privacy by Design, the new functionality ensures that data protection is built into a business’ every activity and process.

CEO of SuperOffice, Gisle Jentoft, makes the following prediction: “Today we see the dawn of a new era in which people’s value of personal rights and freedoms will be emphasized. I think that soon people will stop buying from companies that do not show that they handle personal data with care. To keep their customers and get new ones, businesses need to start taking privacy issues seriously. And they’d better do it sooner than later. ”

As of March 13, 2018, the new GDPR-related functionality will be available to SuperOffice cloud and on-premises customers.

An overview of the new GDRP-ready features in SuperOffice CRM

Consent management. According to the GDPR, a company must always have a defined purpose for collecting information about persons. A purpose must be supported by a legal basis. For every person stored in a CRM system, a company must provide documentation about the purpose and the legal basis for doing this.

The new functionality will allow businesses to easily store multiple purposes and consents; document the legal basis for why they’re storing the data; indicate the source where they got the consent from; as well as specify when and who has updated a contact’s information.

Subscription management. According to many European laws that govern local marketing practices, a company is only allowed to send digital marketing messages to people who have given their permission to do so. Even where this is not a legal requirement, it is often regarded as a good practice.

A new set of subscription management features in SuperOffice CRM allows companies to easily obtain and document what kind of information their prospects and customers want to receive (opt in or opt out), ensuring a better targeted communication.

Bulk update. One of the key steps in becoming GDPR compliant includes a review of the existing personal data a business can have in its SuperOffice CRM system. Therefore, many businesses will need to update quite a lot of contacts in their database in accordance to the new GDPR requirements.

The bulk update feature lets businesses change personal details for a large group of contacts, activities, sales, and projects – all in just a few clicks.

Later in the year, SuperOffice will unveil new sets of GDPR-compliant functionality.

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