R. Scott Lemriel (Publishes) THE SERES AGENDA (Pronounced Say-Rays) - The Book Reveals Enlightening Deliberately Hidden Truth On A Galactic Scale

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R. Scott Lemriel - Direct Experience-Based Hidden Truth Revealing Researcher and author releases - The Seres Agenda - a stunning hidden truth revealing book containing implications that Earth is going to be saved from destruction by kind extraterrestrials in the near future. It is written in an intriguing fast-paced but visually appealing sci-fi manner but is solely based on his direct exploration experiences into deliberately hidden truth - The Seres Agenda

Over the course of decades, it’s evident that the healthy natural balance of planet Earth is deteriorating rapidly, while humans are constantly at war over declining resources. However, direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, international speaker, published author, and music composer R. Scott Lemriel knows the destructive destiny of planet Earth was recently permanently altered in wondrous new ways for the first time in galactic, planet Earth, and multi-dimensional history. According to his book - The Seres Agenda - our world is beginning to go through an entirely unexpected uplifting change that will alter the currently popular but misdirected negative view or outcome for the better. He shares direct experience-based perspectives on the Earth’s changing future in the uplifting eye-opening chapters.

THE SERES AGENDA (pronounced phonetically like - The Say-Rays Agenda) is written with the colorful flare of a good sci-fi book but it is, in fact, entirely based ONLY upon my direct experiences regarding everything that is revealed within its pages. A unique perspective is presented on the hidden origins of all life on Earth, including the non-terrestrial origins of human beings. The inspiration for writing and publishing my books for the uplifting benefit of others comes from the result of countless experiences traveling along the past time track, encounters with highly spiritual and technologically advanced extraterrestrial races and Master teachers, as well as from out-of-body journeys into parallel and higher dimensional realities during this lifetime. There is plenty of evidence that indicates extraterrestrials and humans have interacted in the past and that non-terrestrial beings have had more of an influence on humanity on Earth than the majority of people currently know or remember. The Seres Agenda (book) reveals wondrous worlds and beings (many of them human) that live quite beyond planet Earth. It also reveals the past and current influence of the vast majority of benevolent (kind) and a few malevolent (tyrant) extraterrestrials that have remained, for the most part, hidden behind the scenes on this planet during their interactions with a few individuals throughout history. They have had a direct influence over where the Earth was headed and more importantly where it is now headed in the near future because of an unexpected uplifting change that recently occured off-planet out among the stars,” proclaims Lemriel.

Lemriel encourages his readers to question the world’s so-called unsolved mysteries and to dive deeper into the true nature of the existence of non-terrestrial races via their own experience - once they discover how to safely go about this through the deliberately hidden truths and techniques he shares for the benefit of others. As stated previously, his books are written in the imaginative or inner visual stimulating manner of well conceived sci-fi books but they are, in fact, entirely ONLY based on his direct experiences with what is revealed in the chapters. What many extraterrestrial and UFO enthusiasts believe to be true remains only belief until they too have direct awakening experiences similar to R. Scott Lemriel. His stated purpose is to assist others to have their own similar enlightening direct experiences. A number of hidden truth researches in this world share their admirable beliefs regarding non-terrestrial life, while Lemriel shares his 'direct knowing certainty' derived from direct experiences regarding hidden truth and the existence of extraterrestrial or alien life that is not being currently revealed by the governments of the world - they officially classified it at the highest level shortly after World War II. However, they too want to disclose what they know to the public but are finding it difficult to find ways to do this without causing a panic in the populous that would be aimed back at them. According to Lemriel, they will need benevolent (kind) off-world assistance to unexpectedly get this job done without destruction or harm to human beings (including themselves) and all other life on Earth. In his presentations and books, Lemriel declares the former destructive destiny of humanity on our planet was quite recently permanently altered to that of a coming entirely unexpected, uplifting worldwide transformation for the benefit of all life out in the galaxy and on planet Earth. He states this newly created process is now underway and that it cannot be reversed by any negative beings, misuse of advanced extraterrestrial technology on or off planet Earth, nor by any beings in our out of bodies on any dimensional level. He is very clear about this.

To share his direct experienced encounters and knowing certainty about the nature of extraterrestrial life, how human beings and most life found on Earth did not, in truth, originally evolve on the planet, and to discover the resolution to many other unsolved mysteries about a far more ancient Earth than the public knows existed at any time (influenced by both kind and tyrant extraterrestrials out among the stars and from higher dimension realities), Lemriel launched ParallelTime.com — a unique uplifting hidden truth revealing website. He utilizes this platform to share his enlightening ongoing work with his rapidly growing worldwide audience - for their benefit. His ongoing explorations into all aspects of Parallel Time, parallel and higher dimensions, the true nature of what we are as non-physical and non-destructible beings, what kind aliens or extraterrestrials call the Atma (Soul) and much more are revealed during the numerous videos of his international conference presentations and other videos, articles, radio-tv shows, illustrations of characters and scenes, as well as in a related music album titled - Stranger On A Lost Island - and within other resources available at this website. Once there, visitors can explore and discover the true nature of what is deliberately hidden from most human beings living on Earth today.

"Direct Knowing Perception, awakened from direct experience, leads to the enlightening recall or recovery of true free will and the return of true co-creative freedom for the benefit of all life," kindly proclaims Lemriel.

The Seres Agenda] (book) and The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy book and screenplay series), and the uplifting related music CD album - Stranger On A Lost Island - are released and available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google Play, and Nook.

About the Company:

All aspects of Parallel Time, parallel and higher dimensions, out-of-body travel, journeys along the past time track, and the true nature of mostly kind extraterrestrial races are available at the http://www.ParallelTime.com website. Through this doorway, experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, international speaker, and music composer R. Scott Lemriel shares his directly experienced knowledge about these subjects and special ways that fellow human beings can experience what he reveals about deliberately hidden truth for themselves - via their own unique, direct individual awakening experiences.

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