Ukraine Company, NovaBudova, Builds Affordable Housing for Refugees

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Eastern Ukraine has been ravaged by war since 2014, and thousands of people have fled the region after losing everything they had, becoming refugees in their own country. One Ukrainian businessman is making a difference by building affordable housing units for these refugees.

We realize that one of the basic human needs is to have a home. That is why our company’s main strategy is to produce high quality, European-standard housing with truly comfortable living conditions.” - Evgen Savochka

Ukraine has been at war since 2014, and many people living in the war zone have been displaced, having their homes, businesses, and their lives destroyed; they’ve become refugees in their own country. More than 10,000 people have lost their lives in this conflict, and those who have survived are now struggling to find a decent place to live. One Ukrainian businessman is working to make a difference. His company, NovaBudova has made its mission to build affordable housing for these families who have lost everything in the war.

Recently, Mr. Savochka was in Washington, D.C., attending the National Prayer Breakfast as part of the Ukrainian delegation. He sat down for an interview and had this to say, “My name is Evgen Savochka. I work in a company called NovaBudova that builds residential complexes in the cities of Kiev and Lviv. Nearly 15% of all the apartments that we sell belong to the refugees from Donetsk and Luhansk regions. As of today, we have built nearly 200,000 square meters of housing, where nearly 3000 families live. We understand the importance of offering special conditions and discounts to those people who have faced tragedy.”

Savochka states that what motivates his company is not only the opportunity to invest in business projects that create jobs and profits, but Evgen Savochka also in projects that create infrastructure and improves people’s lives. The housing projects they are building include shopping malls and schools that are close to where people will live. Their goal it to create convenience and a better lifestyle for these people who’s lives have been upended because of war.

Savochka states, “In our work we understand that hope for a better life is one of the main motivations for people. And we try to live by these principles in the realization of our plans. It’s amazing to see how satisfied people are who live in our apartment complexes. It’s inspirational! Many of these families who are finding the stability they didn't have before, come and thank us. This motivates us to continue and increase the scale of our work. Certainly these are big investments. But these are investments for our future, for our children. We realize that one of the basic human needs is to have a home. That is why our company’s main strategy is to produce high quality, European-standard housing with truly comfortable living conditions.”

The goal of NovaBudova is to help create a new Ukraine, in what he calls, “A European country that prospers”. He says, “We all work for this ambitious goal and one day this dream will come true.”

Today, Ukraine still has a great need for humanitarian assistance. People who live in the war zones of Eastern Ukraine are desperate for aid and begin crying when they see that help is arriving. Many of these people feel that they have been forgotten, that nobody cares about their situation. Savochka’s company not only provides housing for these refugees at a reduced rate, but also his charity organization, New Pathways is delivering aid to those still in the war zone. Their work covers only a small part of the need by delivering food, firewood for heating their homes, and school supplies for the children. There are tens of thousands of people who need help, and Savochka is asking US-based charities and NGOs for assistance.

He says, “Ukraine is a young country that is trying to stand on it’s own legs and we need practical help from a developed country like the United States of America.” He states that just as America needed help to get established as an independent nation, Ukraine not only needs political assistance, but also - and more importantly - humanitarian assistance as it struggles for its stability in Eastern Europe.

Savochka and his company NovaBudova and his charity organization, New Pathways are making a difference in the lives of thousands of families in Eastern Ukraine. For more information about the work he is doing, visit the novabudova web site, or their Facebook page:

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