May 2 is National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day, Founded by Whistleblower Advocate and Former Department of Justice Attorney Joel D. Hesch

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The two purposes of National Report Homeland Security Fraud are (1) to bring attention to the government’s whistleblower reward program that pays 15% to 30% of the amount collected for turning in a company cheating the government, and (2) to teach people how to properly report Homeland Security fraud to receive a reward.

Report Homeland Security fraud and get a reward

National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day is celebrated on May 2. National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day brings awareness to the amount of fraud against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and teaches the public how to obtain a monetary reward for reporting it. Ten percent of all government spending is lost due to fraud.* Because the government is spending over $44 billion a year for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS),** that means $4 billion a year is lost to fraud under this one program alone. It’s no wonder why we have a national economy crisis!

It’s time the public stands up and put an end to Homeland Security fraud. Today is the day to be part of the solution.

Statistics for Whistleblower Rewards:

The government pays whistleblower rewards of between 15% and 30% of the funds recovered based upon a whistleblower’s allegations of fraud against the government, whether it is Medicare fraud, military fraud, or fraud against the Department of Homeland Security. Below are statistics*** relating to whistleblower rewards in reporting fraud against the military or Homeland Security:

  •     The total whistleblower rewards paid is nearly $550 million ($549,364,943)
  •     The average reward $349,468
  •     The largest reward is nearly $50 million in a single case

Free e-book addressing Homeland Security fraud

After working for 15 years in the Department of Justice whistleblower reward office and working on fraud cases totaling $1.5 billion, whistleblower advocate and attorney Joel D. Hesch formed National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day.

Mr. Hesch wrote a free e-book on reporting Homeland Security fraud to arm the public with information to stamp out fraud, which is available on this release or at the official national day web page.

Hesch adds, “National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day puts fraud-doers on notice that the public is fed up with fraud and is now armed with information on how to report it. Given the large monetary rewards offered by DOJ for reporting fraud, there is a strong incentive for whistleblowers to take a stand. The more whistleblowers step forward, the less likely companies will try to cheat because they will finally realize they can’t get away with it anymore.”

After leaving DOJ, Hesch formed his own law firm to exclusively represent whistleblowers nationwide in filing for rewards for reporting fraud against Homeland Security, Medicare, the military, or any other government program. His free e-book also contain his personal contact information so that you can ask Mr. Hesch in complete confidence to review your potential reward case.

How to celebrate National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day?

There are two ways to celebrate National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day. First, learn about the government reward programs by reading the free e-book listed earlier, or visiting his website, and then contact an experienced whistleblower reward attorney, such as Mr. Hesch, to find out if you have the right type of case eligible for a reward.

Second, tell others of National Report Homeland Security Fraud Day so they too can help stamp out fraud against the government.


* (10% of all government spending lost to fraud)


***Department of Justice Statistics as of 2017, located at:

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