ChristianCrush Dating Site Fighting Porn to Protect Marriages

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With so many marriages negatively impacted by porn, a Christian dating site is hoping to do something about it. ChristianCrush is offering a porn addiction seminar as part of their services to help people overcome porn addiction before entering matrimony.

Christian dating site aiming to reduce divorce rate by tackling porn., a Christian dating site, hopes to reduce the divorce rate by fighting porn addiction. The devastation from porn is becoming more apparent everyday with many divorces citing porn addiction as one of the main causes. The first impact of porn is a decreased ability to have sex with a real person because it lacks the same level of stimuli. Consequently, many people start preferring porn over real sex with their spouse. Second, frequent porn use often increases risk of infidelity because it creates an obsession with sex that is insatiable. Third, porn use can lead to a detachment from one’s spouse and children as the person becomes consumed with their online world. Fourth, frequent porn use often leads to a desire for more deviant content to experience the same high. In addition, porn lights up the same reward center in the brain as heroin and provides the 3 A's needed for addiction, which are accessibility, affordability, and anonymity.

ChristianCrush is addressing chronic porn use on their website by providing a 2-part online seminar to help people overcome porn addiction. The seminar can be found here Session one covers a myriad of research on the prevalence of porn addiction and the devastating impact of chronic use. Session two covers 17 concrete steps people can take to start overcoming chronic porn use. The seminar can be used for singles to go through while preparing for marriage or for married couples to go through if porn addiction has impacted their relationship on some level.

The other method ChristianCrush is using to help prepare couples for a successful relationship is they’ve created an online marriage seminar, which can be found here The seminar is designed for both couples preparing for marriage and for those who have already been married but need training on how to make things better. The seminar includes six parts. First, it covers the foundation of commitment in a relationship and how to foster it despite the changing seasons of feelings that all marriages go through. Second, it covers the importance of capturing the shortcomings for both partners and understanding how they may play off one another and create vicious cycles. Third, it focuses on the secrets of staying in love, which entails learning the top things that make your partner feel loved and respected and the top things that make them feel unloved and disrespected. Fourth, it covers steps on how to resolve areas of resentment in a relationship, conflict resolution skills, and specific steps to cultivate emotional closeness. Fifth, it addresses sexual intimacy, common problem areas, and ideas for both spouses to improve their level of fulfillment and satisfaction. Sixth, it covers steps for respecting differences in marriage and how to ensure both partners are sharing power so both feel like they have a voice in the relationship.

There’s a tremendous number of platforms to find someone to date but barely any on preparation for a successful romantic relationship. This lack of preparation and training for romantic success is one of the major reasons relationships don’t last. ChristianCrush is trying to bridge this gap by providing both a platform for singles to meet while also providing resources to help prepare them for a successful relationship.

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