Introducing The Meatrix System – The World's First Meat Cooking Analyzer

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Meat thermometers are now obsolete because The Meatrix System uses energy impulse instead of temperature settings to determine the doneness of meat. Only The Meatrix System can tell you when your pork or poultry meets USDA safety standards without needing to cooking to high, meat drying temperatures.

Available in sporty orange & blue or classic two tone stainless steel colors

Why cook like everyone else when you can cook better than everyone else?

Imagitronix, an innovative lifestyle technology company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the world to it's patented, award winning Meatrix System. As part of the introduction, Imagitronix is offering several Meatrix System packages though the Kickstarter campaign, ranging from a single unit to a family pack, from a competition pack to a multi system package for retailers, at significant introductory discounts. Learn much more here.

Imagitronix has spent the past nine years developing its Meatrix technology for the restaurant industry. Now it is bringing this unique technology to everyone for home use. The Meatrix System is the most accurate way to determine the doneness of meat. The new, patented technology uses Energy Impulse instead of temperature settings to determine the doneness level of meat while cooking. There is no technique or technology that is as accurate or consistent at determining doneness than The Meatrix System's Energy Impulse based technology. The technology works with all red meats, pork, poultry, fish and even lobster. The technology works with any heat source.

The Meatrix System is the only device available to the public that uses a USDA approved technique that lets you cook pork and poultry to temperatures lower than the temperatures the USDA recommends if you are not using The Meatrix System. This means your pork and poultry will be much juicier and shrink less. As an example, tests show that chicken breasts cooked with The Meatrix System are consistently twice as juicy as chicken breasts cooked to USDA standards using a meat thermometer.

The Meatrix System makes cooking meat as fool proof as possible. It guides you through the cooking process. It will tell you when to flip the meat. It will tell you if you need to increase the temperature or decrease the temperature. If you follow the system's guidance, your meat will be cooked like you want, the pink will be centered and through most of the meat thickness and the meat won't continue to cook when you remove it from the heat.

Until April 22, you can only get your Meatrix System from the Kickstarter campaign at this link.

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