Life Ionizers MXL-15 Hydrogen Water Machine® Generates More Molecular Hydrogen than any other Brand of Hydrogen Machine

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Life Ionizers announces a breakthrough in hydrogen water machine technology: Life's new MXL-15 Hydrogen Water Machine reaches 5.4 parts per million molecular hydrogen in testing

LIFE Ionizers™ ( announces test results for Life’s top-of-the-line hydrogen water machine, the Life MXL-15™. The test was conducted using H2 Sciences Inc. H2Blue™ hydrogen test kit. When optimized for hydrogen production, the MXL-15™ generated 5.4 parts per million of molecular hydrogen. The highest amount of molecular hydrogen generated by any hydrogen water machine. By way of comparison, the next closest machine, the Alkaviva Vesta H2, is advertised to produce only 1.6 parts per million H2. The MXL-15 beats the Vesta H2 by 3.8 parts per million.

Life Ionizers Molecular Hydrogen™ Technology

The reason the Life MXL-15™ can generate so much hydrogen is Life’s Molecular Hydrogen Technology™. The system has four parts:

Clean-Tek Anti-Scale™ technology
Dual Action Reverse Cleaning™ (DARC) system
Heavy Duty GRID™ plates
Max Power™ SMPS power supply

Life’s Molecular Hydrogen™ technology solves the #1 problem that stops other brands of hydrogen water machine from making hydrogen: Hard water scale build up. The problem that most hydrogen machines have is that they are prone to hard water scale build up. Even a tiny amount of scale build up on a hydrogen machine’s plates will stop that machine from generating any hydrogen.

Life’s Molecular Hydrogen™ technology prevents scale build-up from interfering with the MXL-15’s™ hydrogen production in two ways: Our Clean-Tek Anti-Scale™ technology stops hard water scale from building up on the machine’s plates. Should any scale develop on the plates, Life’s DARC™ cleaning system automatically removes it. These two exclusive Life Ionizers™ technology keep the machine’s plates clean an in optimum condition to generate hydrogen.

Thanks to the ability of Life’s Clean-Tek™ technology and DARC™ system to prevent scale build up, Life is able to put more power to the plates than any other brand of hydrogen machine. The MXL-15™ can adjust up to 800 Watts of power, making it the most powerful molecular hydrogen water machine in the world. Lots of power is needed to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen because the atomic bonds between those two elements are very strong. It takes a lot of power to break them.

Benefits to the consumer from Life’s Molecular Hydrogen™ Technology

Clinical research on hydrogen as a medical treatment suggests that molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. Moreover, because the hydrogen atom is so small, it can easily travel to every part of the body. Studies on molecular hydrogen are ongoing, and promising. Molecular hydrogen shows immense potential as a therapy for reducing the harmful oxidation in the body that leads to the development of many degenerative diseases and premature aging.

Life Ionizers Chief Executive Officer, Rick H Cabados, says that Life developed its Molecular Hydrogen™ technology because clinical studies on molecular hydrogen have shown so much promise, that consumers are now demanding machines that produce a lot of molecular H2: “We had a tough problem to solve: We needed to stop the scale build up that cripples all other molecular hydrogen machines. My engineers spent many months consulting with Life’s Head of Research to develop our Clean-Tek Anti-Scale™ technology. Once we had it right, I knew we had the ability to produce a hydrogen water machine that would be far superior to anything else on the market today.”

About LIFE Ionizers®

Life Ionizers™ manufactures many well known healthy water products including Life Hydrogen Water Ionizers™ which are sold worldwide. They also manufacture and distributes “all things water”™ including home filtration systems like the Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System™; “Pitcher of Life™” alkaline water pitcher; Life Ionizer Vending Machines, Life Commercial & Industrial Ionizers, and many other high quality products.

LIFE Ionizers was founded by Rick H. Cabados in 1996, who, along with his technicians and advisors have over 50 years of water treatment experience. Their team developed the Next Generation M-Series and conducted extensive field testing on the new LIFE Ionizers M-XL Series

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