The Flag Company, Inc. Celebrates Earth Day with the Expansion of Their Line of Dark Sky Certified Flagpole Lighting and Solar Power Packages

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Schools, major corporations, architects, builders and contractors positively respond to The Flag Company, Inc.’s new, environmentally conscious line of patented Dark Sky certified flagpole lighting and solar power lighting packages.

Flagpole Warehouse

Flagpole Warehouse

We’re thankful for all the interest in our Flagpole Beacons. It reaffirms our belief that when given the opportunity, people will do whatever they can to preserve and conserve the environment.

In celebration of the 2018 Earth Day, The Flag Company, Inc., and its subsidiary have launched an expanded line of flagpole lighting approved by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), the leading organization combating light pollution world-wide and its effects on the environment.

The IDA is also celebrating the International Dark Sky Week in April. It has grown to become a worldwide event and a key component of Global Astronomy Month. Each year it is held in April around Astronomy Day. This year celebrations begin Sunday, April 15, and run through Saturday, April 21. International Dark Sky Week draws attention to the problems associated with light pollution and promotes simple solutions available to mitigate it.

“When it comes to lighting the future, our philosophy as a company from the beginning has been one of dedication to environmental issues. We’ve anticipated the future with our Flagpole Lighting Beacons. They are the result of many years of research and development, constantly improving the product with new components as technology presented itself,” said Mike Lawrence, Vice President of The Flag Company, Inc.

The Dark Sky-Friendly line of Flagpole Beacons available at consists of products at a variety of price-points, and versatile usage. According to Mr. Lawrence, “The proprietary Flagpole Beacon lighting technique is absolutely surgical. Not only are these flagpole beacons the most environmentally correct way to light flags during night hours, they’re the only way to illuminate them without ambient light bleeding onto adjoining property or into the night sky.”
This provides the best lighting for flags, while being also the most environmentally-friendly way of doing so, especially with the addition of a solar lighting package to these beacons. With the approach of Earth Day, The Flag Company, Inc., is emphasizing this product line to contribute in raising awareness to such an important cause.

A growing body of research suggests that the loss of the natural nighttime environment is causing serious harm to human health and the environment. Excessive exposure to artificial light at night, particularly blue light, has been linked to increased risks for obesity, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes and breast cancer.

Excessive light also contributes to wasted energy. Wasted energy costs money, aggravates greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and compromises energy security.

As an official recipient of the Dark Sky Association Seal of Approval, The Flag Company, Inc. and take their place among the ranks of corporate America who have identified the possible repercussions of over-lighting our planet, and are taking appropriate measures to prevent this disastrous eventuality.

Universally recognized as the first real innovation in the flagpole industry in over 50 years, the Flagpole Beacon is illuminating the way to a healthier planet. Continues Mr. Lawrence, “We’re thankful for all the interest in our Flagpole Beacons. It reaffirms our belief that when given the opportunity, people will do whatever they can to preserve and conserve the environment. Our Flagpole Beacon protects the night sky by reducing light pollution and our solar versions conserve energy. And our eco-friendly reputation has resulted in being awarded contracts for a variety of challenging, prestigious projects we’re extremely honored to be part of.”

Mr. Lawrence also added that “one of our unique amber bulbs was employed along the Florida and Georgia coasts to circumvent spawning, protected sea turtles from becoming disoriented by bright lights glaring out over our beaches when they come ashore to lay their eggs.” This shows the commitment that The Flag Company, Inc. has with the environment, while providing the best lighting solutions available.

About The Flag Company, Inc. and Flagpole Warehouse
The Flagpole Warehouse division is another example of The Flag Company, Inc.’s commitment to being at the forefront of environmentally-sensitive issues. Since its founding over 29 years ago, The Flag Company, Inc. has strived to implement the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes and products. When it comes to Flagpole lighting, whether it’s commercial or residential, Dark Sky or solar powered, the Flagpole Warehouse lights the way. The Flagpole Warehouse offers wide range of lighting solutions, with parts, packages, transformers, and more to complete a project’s flag-lighting needs.

Catering to eighteen distinct categories of customers, The Flag Company, Inc. provides an extensive inventory of over 8,500 items. The Flag Company, Inc. also partnered with a dedicated machine and manufacturing company to expand its capability to provide custom brackets, finials, hardware and other similar products for special orders.

Additionally, The Flag Company, Inc. is collaborating on pioneering robotic equipment for use in the flagpole industry.

Besides, The Flag Company, Inc. has developed several websites targeting its varied and diverse customer base, all of which are consistent with the company’s environmental-consciousness.

The Flagpole division boasts several flagship environmentally-enhancing portfolio jobs including:

  •     1996 Olympics, Atlanta, GA – Flagpoles and Flags
  •     Dow Chemical World Headquarters, Midland, MI – Flagpoles & Flagpole Beacons
  •     National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, GA – Flagpoles
  •     FORSCOM Headquarters, Fort Bragg, NC – Flagpoles
  •     Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Flagpoles
  •     IKEA, CA – Flagpole Beacons
  •     Manpower Group World Headquarters, Milwaukee, WI. – Flagpoles & Flagpole Beacons
  •     Strategic Operations, San Diego, CA – Custom Flagpoles
  •     Turner Field, Atlanta, GA – Flagpoles

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