Trump Conservative to Present Global Warming Solution at Berkeley Conference

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CEO of Impact Analytics, Tim Kaelin has developed a plan to end the United States’ dependency on fossil fuel, removing a major source of CO2 generation and creating 3 to 5 million jobs over the next 10 to 15 years. In the initial phase, he proposes the development of 2500 square miles of “farmer’s market” for solar energy generation on federal land, funded through thousands of private investments, each with guaranteed ROI.

Tim Kaelin, chief executive officer of Impact Analytics, will be a presenter at the Tenth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses in Berkeley, California, where world scientists will gather to address a range of issues dealing with climate change and mankind’s impact.

A professional engineer and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative, Kaelin has developed a plan to end the United States’ dependency on fossil fuel, removing a major source of CO2 generation. He proposes the development of a massive “farmer’s market” for solar energy generation located on 2500 square miles of federal land, possibly in such sunny and land rich states as Arizona, Nevada or Utah. In addition to the local climate, the western site is an ideal location to connect to the three major American electrical grids.

Kaelin said that such a large section of land is not unreasonable when you consider that it would initially provide approximately 10 percent of the energy needs for the entire United States and force down the price of solar panels to a fraction of its current price. Further energy needs of the United States can be met by additional solar “markets” and universal “net-metering” that would allow an internet-style network of individual power producers.

Rather than building such a solar infrastructure as a public works project, Kaelin sees it being created through thousands of private investments. The government’s role would be largely limited to land acquisition, transmission lines and some oversight.

The more than nine billion initial solar panels needed would be manufactured in the United States, and the inertia of the project will produce 3 to 5 million jobs over the next 10 to 15 years.

Kaelin’s concept is detailed in his book, The Energy Net – A free enterprise solution to our economy, racial Islam and climate change built by all of America (written under the nom de plume of Joseph A. Gilbertson).

As the title suggests, Kaelin’s plan not only addresses the technical process of energy production but draws on his CIA experience to address the economic, social and political implications as well.

Kaelin says that the reduction in the use of fossil fuels will depress the market for gas and oil and significantly reduce the amount of money that flows to terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

According to Kaelin, his proposal should appeal to both sides of the climate change controversy. It will drastically reduce the greenhouse gases that are now a byproduct of burning fossil fuel and will do so by creating a free-market solution based on private investment, generating substantial economic benefits.

“All sides of the controversy can agree that the cheapest form of energy is the best, providing reliability and convenience are equal. The Energy Net will provide power cheaper and better than burning gas, oil or coal,” Kaelin said. Kaelin is an enthusiastic Trump supporter and runs a conservative news website.

The only argument against solar up to now, according to Kaelin, is the cost and the output. He says his plan solves both those concerns by “making an alternative source of energy more cost effective than fossil fuels.”

The conference at which Kaelin will present his plan takes place on April 20 through April 21. Additional details can be found at

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