Stem Cell Assisted Surgery Now Helping Patients With Insurance Covered Procedures in Arizona

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Stem Cell Assisted Surgery (TM) is now offering insurance covered procedures in Arizona to those undergoing both orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures. The addition of the regenerative material helps patients heal faster and become active quicker with less complications.

Regenerative Biologics Improving Outcomes (888) 568-6909

The insurance covered stem cell biologics are helping those undergoing orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures heal faster with less complications and better outcomes!

Stem Cell Assisted Surgery(TM) is now offering procedures with regenerative biologics that are covered by insurance. The biologics are administered in conjunction with surgeries of the spine, shoulder and knee such as replacement, repair or reconstruction.

Stem Cell Assisted Surgery(TM) only works with top Centers who are appropriately licensed and have the top Board Certified doctors performing the procedures. The biologics used only come from FDA certified facilities.

The types of surgeries that are currently being offered include shoulder, knee and spinal such as arthroscopy, joint replacement, rotator cuff repair and spinal fusion. This includes minimally invasive arthroscopic repairs of tendons, ligaments, cartilage and tendons (e.g. ACL, meniscus, labrum). In addition, joint replacement procedures are able to heal better with the regenerative materials too.

Stem cell biologics are being shown to help turn surgery sites into healing environments better with the combination of growth factors, cytokines, stem cells and other regenerative cells. This helps patients experience faster healing, quicker return to activities, and less postoperative pain.

There are numerous studies now showing the amazing benefits of these regenerative biologics. The materials are FDA regulated, with no embryonic stem cells being used. There are no ethical issues with any of the materials, as they are donated and no babies are harmed at all.

The addition of the stem cell material is covered by insurance as part of the procedure. This has been a breakthrough for helping patients heal better and faster, leading to outcomes that are vastly improved. As an example, stem cell assisted shoulder surgeries improve tendon repair close to 100% from what has been seen previously. All too often, patients in the past needed to undergo revision procedures frequently due to tendon repairs failing.

For those interested in receiving insurance covered, Stem Cell Assisted SurgeryTM simply call (888) 568-6909. A free phone consultation is being offered along with an imaging review and insurance benefits verification. Currently, we are unable to accept either Medicare or Medicaid.

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