After 14 Years of Serving 47th's Street Diamond District, Brings their Flagship Office and Substantially Higher Payouts to Broward County

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Broward county's largest precious metals refinery explains what you should know about your jewelry.

Gold Purity Stamps

Very trustworthy, professional and efficient. Great instructions for the inexperienced gold seller. I've used them twice and I highly recommend them. It may be tough to put your jewelry in the mail, but it's worth doing.

Consumers looking to sell their valuables need to be aware of companies who's appraisals are made by uneducated in the field, not certified, inexperienced personnel, Bars, coins, dental, gold door knobs and of course the more popular jewelry, precious metals come in all shapes and sizes. Jewelry is a sentimental purchase, meaning a consumer is less likely to be aware that the content in their jewelry may vary.
Every precious metal has a certain percentage of purity.

1. 10KT, 14KT, 18KT, 24KT stamps all holding different monetary value for gold
(rarely 585 stamp will appear stands for purity of gold)        
2. 925 and/or Sterling Silver stamps apply to silver
3. Plat or 90%Plat / 10%iridium is for platinum pieces
4. Stainless Steel

Most refineries and pawn shops claim that their mission is not 'fair payout' to their customer but rather convenience and will thrive on volume regardless. Unfortunately, that gives them an opening to appraise 24KT gold as 10KT for the unexpected customer. We will forgo mentioning what happens with diamond appraisals in these places. Diamond is the most inappropriately appraised of all precious stones. Start by testing your diamonds in 2 simple ways:

1. Place your stone on a piece of paper with printed letters if you can see letters through the stone, it is most certainly not real.
2. Your every day lounges and dance clubs have these intimate blue lights, see if your diamond is glowing in the dark as t-shirts or nail polish, if it is, return it right away or at least bargain for a lower price.

Most pawn shops and refineries saving on rent are located in less than desirable locations. People who are walking in with valuables and walking out with money, may become a target in an unsecured location. Discretely tucked away inside a secure high-rise at the heart of downtown Ft Lauderdale, is the executive office for Door-to-door FedEx to be even more discreet, has proven to eliminate the unsecured factor. Company's GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals go above and beyond for their patrons to collect maximum reclamation on their valuables. Ranging up to 98.5% payout compared to 15% -70% going rate, and volume of precious metals purchased nationwide daily, USGoldBuyers consistently sustains payout driven leadership in the industry.

Precious metals refineries like will be sought out more and more due to unreasonably low payouts by others and the uncertainty in the global economy. "Trump presidency and a push toward “protectionism” would be negative for growth and “disruptive and divisive for the global economy.” Julian Phillips, founder of "Gold’s performance during past presidential administrations stretching back to Gerald Ford’s in 1974 was “very sensitive” to changes in inflation through the early 1990s, the yellow metal’s performance since the Clinton administration has been dictated by a wider range of forces." William Watts, MarketWatch. Time for cashing in on gold and other precious metals while the prices are at a two month high, is now.

In our next article we will disclose the facts about your high end watch collection prices, discrepancies concerning their value retention, when and how to shine your dull gold watches, etc.

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