UnicornGo: a Fair Game for a Smart Generation

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The UnicornGo team announces a sensational game with unique investment potential! Enjoy playing with mythological crypto creatures - The Unicorns - and earn real money!


Players breed crypto unicorns by crossing two individuals. New unicorn traits are created on the basis of the parental genes with a possibility of gene mutations.

In this virtual world, players can select partners for cross-breeding in order to obtain valuable offspring. The mechanics of gene crossing and inheritance of various characteristics, that form the next generation of mythical unicorns, are based on real scientific genetics research.

In fact, every player can contribute to the development of science by creating new unicorns and cross-breeding races. The more gene crossings occur, the more secrets scientists can uncover about the mechanisms of gene mutations, with the help of blockchain technology. The research from all in-game breeding is transferred to the blockchain by the highly experienced software development team.

In addition to their digital genetic traits, every unicorn can build its own market value by gaining popularity, leading to a potentially higher trading value. In the future, this can lead to the rise of celebrity unicorns. Breeding with such a unicorn can be in high demand and therefore lead to a substantial profit to its owner.

The main in-game currency is CandyCoin. It is used for all operations in the game and has a limited supply of 12,000,000 coins issued through smart contracts. With the growth of the game, CandyCoin will also grow in price, which opens great opportunities for passive and active income.

A player can breed rare unicorns, invest in land plots to produce in-game consumables, and sell them on the exchange. The main goal of the project is to popularize crypto-currency and create a stable economic system that allows people to earn money by playing.

At this moment, everyone can buy GEN-0 unicorns either for CandyCoin or Ethereum.

Crypto Assets

  • CandyCoin - the internal game currency
  • Unicorns - a collectible asset with volatile value
  • Land - used to produce MegaCandy
  • MegaCandy - booster that reduces cooldowns for breeding and participation in tournaments

Currently, CandyCoin is being traded on the ForkDelta exchange, and is in the voting stage for being listed on Cobinhood and other popular crypto exchanges.
Smart contracts used in the game are based on the Ethereum platform. The next step is to move to the Universa blockchain, which offers higher transaction speeds and almost zero fees.

Currently the UnicornGo team is working on:

  • Integration of Universa technology for the game. This technology will allow fast and cheap transactions to be executed within the network;
  • Tournaments, which will allow unicorns to compete with each other, based on their attributes, for prizes;    
  • Own exchange that will allow trading for MegaCandy/CandyCoin and where users will be able to use to convert their in-game assets into money!

The beta-version of the game has already been launched. The marketplace is now also available! Unicorns can be traded, sold and bought on the market and offered for breeding.
The mobile version of the game, which is under development, will bring the players into augmented reality, with the Izetex team working on integrating crypto unicorns into the real world.

The UnicornGo team together with BasisNeuro has already developed a neural interface for controlling crypto unicorns with the power of thought! A new high-tech gadget design is being created under the guidance of a former Tesla designer. This new gadget promises to become a real sensation.

The first generation of unicorns, GEN-0, can already be bought on the official website. The GEN-0 unicorns are limited to 30,000 and will be the predecessors to all subsequent generations. This opens profitable gains for each user, especially for early members of the community – GEN-0 unicorns’ genes are randomly generated with a 30 percent higher chance than in the next generations to get rare hereditary traits. Moreover, in this fairytale world, every player can catch their luck by the tail. Anyone who acquires a Legendary Unicorn will get a $10,000 prize from UnicornGo as a tribute from the team for supporting the project.

Find out more about the UnicornGo project, purchase a first-generation unicorn and try your luck to win $10,000 on the company’s official website https://unicorngo.io/
To create your own unique unicorn and play with its features in the sandbox, follow the link http://demo.unicorngo.io/

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