Supply Chain Software Developer, Datex, Launches WMS Event Scheduler for High Volume Operations Including Fulfillment

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Warehouse management system software developer Datex launches a new feature that will enable fulfillment and high-volume operations to automate warehouse operations.

Warehouse management software developer Datex is known for developing highly flexible, configurable software for use in third party logistics, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution and other supply chain logistics operations.  Ideal for fast-paced e-commerce omnichannel fulfillment operations, the award-winning user-friendly software provides companies with a suite of features for inventory control, warehouse management, yard management, order fulfillment, shipping and freight and more.

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"This new tool makes it easy to process thousands of orders without human intervention" explained Michael Armanious, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Warehouse management system software developer, Datex, announced the development of a new feature ideal for fulfillment and high-volume operations. The feature, a customizable event scheduler enables warehouse and DC operators to automate order processing and other warehouse operations based on specified criteria.

The event scheduler feature enables users to create events on a scheduled basis without having to rely on human intervention. In many warehouses, a person must look at the orders that are coming into the warehouse, highlight the orders in the warehouse management system that he or she wants to process, process the wave and enable the orders to go to the warehouse floor for processing. Handling and processing hundreds of orders a day versus thousands can often involve multiple levels of complexity as well as considerable labor resources.

For example, a 3PL that processes 60,000 order a day needs to be able to automate order processing. The Datex event scheduler can look at entities in the system, from putaways, accessorial charges, wave creation to notification and other entities and examine the predetermined criteria. For example, the event scheduler could be set up to process all UPS orders that are received before 3PL in one batch, all the FedEx orders received by noon in another batch and the LTL orders after the first two batches have been processed.

Once the parameters are established in the event scheduler, the system can be set to follow this on an ongoing basis. This means that the system would look for the criteria and automate the warehousing processes automatically without the need for human intervention.

“When you are dealing with hundreds of orders, it is easier to find out if you have enough inventory. This new tool makes it easy to process thousands of orders without human intervention. This tool that looks at all the orders before processing them, looks at the criteria established and figures out if there are any shortages. If there are shortages, the system creates a shortage report and distributes this automatically. If there are no shortages, the system simply processes the orders. This takes the human element out of it. Datex FootPrint® WMS has workflow built into the system. Workflow can be called on as part of the event scheduler to be able to trigger even further processes,” explained Michael Armanious, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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