Smiles by Design, PC, Now Offers Professional Denture Repairs

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Damaged dentures? Do not try to fix them with tools from the shed or kits from a store, seek professional help.

Far too often, people attempt to repair damaged dentures on their own. Without the proper assistance, people will end up causing more harm than good. When people without the proper knowledge and skill attempt to repair dentures, they greatly increase the risk of damaging the dentures to the point that they are unusable. Without the dentures, many people find that life gets much more difficult since the teeth affect the ability to speak and eat.

The team at Smiles by Design, PC, offers patients the denture repair they need when an accident occurs. Accidents are unavoidable at certain times, no matter how much one prepares in advance. Thus, when someone does damage their dentures, it is crucial to seek professional assistance as soon as possible. Even if it is just a small crack in one of the artificial teeth, professional repairs will be necessary and less likely to cause other issues.

The extent of damage will determine what the team at Smiles by Design, PC, will do. Far too often, people may damage their dentures and crack on of the teeth. However, people will avoid seeking treatment and continue with their dentures as normal. By wearing and using cracked or damaged dentures, people will strain their dentures, break them and need to spend more money on repairs.

In other cases, improper care of dentures can also lead to wear and tear. A few tips for proper denture care involve simple measures such as removing and rinsing the dentures off after a meal. While one may not need to brush the dentures, one will want to wash the food out on a regular basis. While the dentures are out, one can also clean the mouth with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

When cleaning the dentures, it is crucial to place them on a soft towel and avoid dropping them onto a countertop or floor. If the dentures are removable, patients will also need to place them in a cleaning solution each night when asleep.

The team at Smiles by Design, PC, is more than happy to go over all of this in person before giving a patient the custom-fit dentures. With the proper care, the dentures can last for quite a while before the patient may need an adjustment.

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