New Ecologically Minded Fashion Venture Points Out the Potential Power of Hang Tags and Labels, says Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc.

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The Los Angeles manufacturer comments on a recent article that, if it’s worth going out of your way to make more sustainable products, it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure that your customers know about it.

Fabric labels can convey a great many messages.

Fabric labels and tags are unique in their ability to directly associate a product with a particular message so that products can hit their target audience.

A May 16 article on Forbes discusses the commitment to sustainability of fashion up-and-comer Samantha Martin, who is putting together a new e-commerce business aimed at improving the commercial reach of a number of green-oriented clothing brands. Los Angeles based manufacturer Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. says that ecologically minded designers and manufacturers – and any other clothing line aimed at a social, political, or religious affinity group – need to make their extra effort pay off by making some additional effort to clearly convey the values associated with their products to their audience.

Like seemingly everything else in our current world, the fashion business is becoming more fragmented as products are aimed at entirely different groups of people with very diverse beliefs and preferences, says the manufacturer. For example, marketing products that are sustainably made may be more effective in coastal areas where ecological concerns are common and may do less well in other areas where sustainability might be perceived in a neutral way, or even be a turn-off to some consumers with strong feelings. Similarly, products that are made with an implicit religious message of one sort or another are likely to be polarizing to consumers with differing beliefs, but may hold a very strong attraction for the faithful.Fabric labels and tags, says Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, are unique in their ability to directly associate a product with a particular message so that products can hit their target audience.

Most obviously, large hang tags have the ability to convey significant amounts of information combined with eye-catching graphics to grab attention, says the firm. They can clearly explain how the product was manufactured, and what about it sets a standard in terms of the beliefs and values of the buyer. The manufacturer adds, however, that while many tend to associate smaller labels that are permanently attached to clothes with legally required information about the composition of clothing and care instructions, they can also become an important part of a product’s messaging. After all, says Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, while tags are removed from an article of clothing once the consumer begins to wear it, the labels typically last as long as the garment does. Therefore, it’s a good idea for clothes makers to work in their messaging and branding in any way they can without devaluing the product. For example, a cleverly designed logo can convey a relatively complex message and can then be affixed to various part of the clothing, much in the manner of the labels on various brands of blue jeans. The result is that, every time the consumer wears the product, he or she is reminded of the positives feelings that motivated them to make the purchase in the first place; the only real limits, says the manufacturer, are those of the imagination.

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