Information on Receding Gums Points Out the Importance of Watching Out for Periodontal Issues, Says Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center

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The Los Angeles area clinic comments on a recent article that receding gums are actually one of the less serious issues attached to periodontal problems.

Cavities have many causes, and stress may be one of them.

Periodontal problems can lead to bone loss, impacting the supporting structure of teeth and further endangering the mouth.

A May 9 article on Reader’s Digest offers tips for people who are concerned that their smiles are being undermined by receding gums, starting with the suggestion that the problem is very frequently an early sign of gum disease and could very likely call for periodontal care. Los Angeles area oral health specialists Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center says that it’s also important for the public to realize that diseases that impact the gums are much more than a cosmetic problem.

The clinic notes that gingivitis, the earliest and least severe type of periodontal disease, is usually either first spotted by an oral healthcare specialist or it may be marked by bleeding gums. Although some people may dismiss the bleeding as merely the result of overzealous tooth brushing, more often than not it’s an early warning sign of a periodontal problem and requires speedy attention, says Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center. It’s extremely important to address the situation early on, says the clinic, because, over time, gingivitis can progress to being more severe periodontitis, and symptoms may not always be obvious to a lay patient.

The reason for the urgency, says the clinic, is that the damage that can result from severe periodontitis can be devastating, even disfiguring or life threatening. Periodontal problems can lead to bone loss, impacting the supporting structure of teeth and further endangering the mouth. Worse, Beverly Hills Periodontcis & Dental Implant Center says, that there are a number of connections still being researched between severe gum problems and such systemic problems as heart disease and stroke.

Fortunately there are also a number of ways to address the problem. While such routine treatments as routine root planing and scaling (deep cleaning) can arrest gingivitis early on, as periodontal disease progresses, more aggressive treatments are usually called for, including a number of types of oral surgeries. In cases where issues have led to the extraction of one or more teeth, dental implants are typically the gold standard intervention, says Beverly Hills Periodontic & Dental Implant Center. While dentures and bridgework are definitely far superior to not replacing teeth at all, only implants can actually stop bone loss. The clinic adds that, since dental implants look and act exactly like real teeth, they also have many benefits in terms of appearance and convenience when compared to other kinds of prosthetics.

Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center concludes by noting that, as the Reader’s Digest article suggests, routine dental hygiene to prevent oral health problems is always the best solution. However, when problems emerge and become advanced for any reason, a skilled periodontist and implant specialist can foster dramatic improvements in the majority of cases, says the clinic.

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