Konstantin Balakiryan: Extinguishing Forest Fires with Explosions of Hydrogen Capsules

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Professor K.Balakiryan proposes new revolutionary means for forest fire extinguishing.

Within the United States of America and many countries on our planet, forest fires are a real national disaster. Wildfires occur suddenly, threatening human life, animals, and property. Just in the U.S. more than 10,000,000 homes are located dangerously in the wildfire risk zone. Unfortunately, today there are no universal and reliable options for effectively extinguishing these wildfires.

Therefore, we are offering an absolutely stunning solution to extinguish fires with hydrogen capsules producing directional explosions. The use of controlled explosions to extinguish wildfires has long been used in practice and has been fairly well studied by scientists.

I have worked with hydrogen research and technology for many years and have created equipment for unlimited production of inexpensive and pure hydrogen utilizing the “Symphony 7A” hydrogen reactor. It is known that hydrogen has a huge explosive capacity. Therefore, we propose a new concept of extinguishing wildfires, creating a special secure capsule for the delivery of hydrogen to extinguish forest fires. The hydrogen capsule can be delivered to the fire zone by drones or salvo fire systems.

Today, the fight against forest fires is more like a military battle, so the experts of the "Boeing" company have even suggested using conventional artillery. The most important advantage of hydrogen is that when it is burned, it oxidizes, transforming into water.

The great English scientist Henry Cavendish wrote about it; "Hydrogen in a mixture with hot air reacts with the explosion and with the formation of water “Thus, a tremendous effect is realized in the fire zone; initially, a powerful explosion destroys the flame, then water is formed, resulting from the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen contained in hot air, covering the charred area while completely extinguishing the fire.

Mankind has never before possessed such a powerful means of combating this terribly destructive natural cataclysm. Using hydrogen capsules, we can extinguish wildfires of any intensity in any region of the planet, better preserving the environment, and saving the lives of thousands of our heroic firefighters and innocent people trapped in the hell of forest fires.

We invite to join us everyone who is interested in the new concept of extinguishing wildfires.
Please remember! We are on the verge of another season of forest fires.

Konstantin Balakiryan. PhD, Professor.

k.balakiryan (at) gmail.com
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