Cigent Announces Availability of Recon Sentinel, Allowing Small Office and Home Office Users to Fight Back Against Cyber Attacks

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Recon Sentinel Detects and Blocks Nefarious Attacks, Preventing Data Loss for Small Business, Home Office (SOHO) and Remote Office Workers, Per FBI’s Warning

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Recon Sentinel protects SOHO users against attacks by detecting and blocking nefarious behavior, per the FBI's recent warning.

The latest FBI warning is a reminder to SOHO users to protect themselves against attacks. Recon Sentinel quietly keeps your PCs, mobile devices, and smart/IoT devices safe from malicious attacks at all times.

Today, Cigent Technology, a developer of cost-effective and easy-to-manage cybersecurity solutions, announced the launch of Recon Sentinel, a small, inconspicuous cybersecurity device designed to add a layer of detection and defense above and beyond traditional antivirus, antimalware, and firewall solutions. Recon Sentinel plugs into any router to add endpoint security that keeps users from losing their data once a breach does occur. The device would detect and block nefarious behavior, per the FBI’s recently issued warning to SOHO users.

With the near-constant rate of hacker attacks of computers with Internet access—an attack occurs every 39 seconds on average—all businesses are at risk. Hackers are getting more sophisticated, finding new ways to get into your home or office network. Smart or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as security cameras, home assistants and TVs increase people’s vulnerability to cyber attacks.

“Recon Sentinel solves major cybersecurity issues for small businesses, home office, and remote office workers by immediately detecting hacking activity and preventing loss of data,” said John Benkert, senior vice president of strategic products, Cigent Technology. “The latest FBI warning is a reminder to SOHO users to protect themselves against attacks. Recon Sentinel quietly keeps your PCs, mobile devices, and smart/IoT devices safe from malicious attacks at all times.”

Recon Sentinel sits on your network, constantly looking for signs of intrusion or other cybercriminal activities. The device uses sophisticated deception technology to identify hacking activity. Once detected, it takes action to disrupt the communications of the attacking device, breaking the ability of the cybercriminals to carry out their intentions, alerting the user of their presence.

Recon Sentinel requires no complex setup, works with all existing routers and firewalls, and automatically finds everything that is connected to your network. Unlike firewalls and routers with embedded security, the device doesn’t slow connection speeds. An easy-to-use cloud-based console and mobile app provide up-to-the-second information about your network and allow Managed Service Providers, IT organizations, and Internet Service Providers to manage multiple devices.

“After working with identity theft victims for more than 10 years, I know that preventing identity theft is impossible,” said Carrie Kerskie, identity theft expert and president of Griffon Force, LLC. “However, there are steps that you can take to greatly reduce your risk. One step is using cybersecurity technology like Recon Sentinel to help keep your data safe. Recon Sentinel informs me of what devices are connected to my network and, more importantly, when a device is doing something suspicious.”

Pricing and availability
Recon Sentinel is available now at all Office Depot/Office Max locations, Brickhouse Security, and at The introductory price is $149.99, including a free one-year subscription valued at $99.99. For partnerships or multi-unit purchases, please contact Steve Nicol at sales(at)reconsentinel(dot)com.

About Cigent Technology
Based in Fort Myers, Florida, Cigent Technology develops cybersecurity technology and solutions designed for the remote workforce and home office businesses. Cigent’s suite of data security products was created by an ex-National Security Agency employee with over 20 years of experience in the intelligence world, a hard drive expert with 15 years of experience recovering, destroying, and creating data storage media, and an ethical hacker who trains organizations across the U.S. on how to protect themselves, including cities, private organizations and NASA. For more information, visit us on the web at

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