Sharon Kleyne's New Lifestyle Is Water Life Science®

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Water Life Science® Creator Kleyne Defines Healthy New Lifestyle. Water Life Science® for Longevity & Better Health Says Sharon Kleyne.

Sharon Kleyne, co-founder and research director of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, warns that earth’s atmosphere is endangered. “When earth’s atmosphere is in trouble, human beings are in trouble, too,” says Kleyne. Considered an expert on atmospheric and body water evaporation by international scientists, physicians, teachers and researchers, Kleyne teaches that the planet’s atmosphere contains ‘the breath of life’, which is water. “All living things on earth need the water in the atmosphere to breathe,” says Kleyne. “As the atmosphere thins and dries out due to excessive evaporation, humans will find it harder and harder to breathe.”

Kleyne, also the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, uses this platform on a weekly basis to gather together international experts who explore the world’s ongoing water crisis. Kleyne also takes every opportunity to teach listeners and readers about an emerging lifestyle that Kleyne invented and calls Water Life Science®.

Water Life Science®, Kleyne explains, is a new global lifestyle based on awareness of the fact that water is ‘the breath of life’, that without water, health and life itself quickly deteriorate, even end. “Life is impossible without water,” says Kleyne. “Oxygen is impossible without water.” That is why clean, fresh water must be the number one priority of every living person. Kleyne calls for better education about water, global threats to water such as excess evaporation, run-off and pollution, and new water technology. “That is where ‘Science’ in Water Life Science® comes in,” says Kleyne.

So, Water Life Science® is a new global lifestyle that embodies heightened awareness of water’s primacy in life and inspired invention of new water technologies that supplement and replenish earth’s challenged atmosphere and everyone’s body water vapor.

When Kleyne thinks of the growth of Water Life Science® as a lifestyle, she thinks of the invention of the toothbrush. “It must have seemed an odd invention in the beginning,” says Kleyne, “but we all know that in time it became the centerpiece of a global dental awareness culture that is thankfully with us to this day. Water Life Science® is also becoming a global lifestyle, not just because it is a healthier and more sensible lifestyle, but also because it is essential if life on this planet is going to survive.”

Kleyne calls on educators at all levels to teach Water Life Science® with greater urgency and awareness. Kleyne also asks governments, institutions and private investors to spend more money on new water research to create the tools that people embracing a Water Life Science Lifestyle® will need to thrive and live long, healthy lives. “The future of life on this planet is literally in our hands,” Kleyne concludes. “We must make smarter decisions and work harder to invent new water technology that will solve this global water crisis. Water Life Science® is the future, and that future is now.”

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