Acobot’s Artificial Intelligence Reduces Website Bounce Rates with Personalized Greetings

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Acobot’s conversational artificial intelligence reduces website bounce rates by using personalized messages to greet visitors with a human touch.


Every website may reduce its bounce rate further using AI.

Acobot is a conversational AI application that helps merchants increase online sales leads or buying customers by adding the self-learning AI, Aco to their websites. Its maker, Acobot LLC, observes significant reducing of website bounce rates followed by Acobot’s enhancement of adopting more personalized welcome messages. The reduced bounce rate consequently results in increased sales leads and conversions from the business websites.

Today’s business website owners often use bounce rate as a major performance measurement for their website. A bounce is a single-page or non-interaction session on a website. It occurs when a user opens a single page on a website and then exits without interactions such as clicking on a link or submitting a form. Bounce rate is bounces divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on a website in which users view only a single page without any further interaction with the website. High bounce rates typically indicate that the website is not doing a good job of attracting the continued interest of visitors whereas a low bounce rate means that the page effectively causes visitors to view more pages and continue deeper into the website.

There are various on-site optimization methods to reduce website bounce rates. The examples include improving content’s readability, creating compelling call-to-actions, or adding an AI chatbot. Acobot is a test proven AI chatbot, designed to engage visitors by greeting them proactively and answering their questions. The personalized greetings it extends to visitors reduce bounce rates because the messages the chatbot displays to each visitor is written in a personal tone and customized in accordance with the web page content that the visitors are browsing.

Each time a visitor responds to the AI’s personal welcome messages of greeting such as “Hi! How are you today?” or relevant question such as “What do you think about our pricing?” a bounce is reduced and the bounce rate is decreased. The artificial intelligence, Aco, then takes the chances to engage visitors and turn them into buying customers finally and achieves conversion rate optimization.

Acobot chatbot is featured with a self-learning AI, which learns from customer’s website and provides customer services to users autonomously. Following the same design concept, the new feature of personal welcome does not require any set up. The AI generates the welcome messages by itself and automatically optimizes its performance based on the response rate of each message. The more users interact with the AI the better it optimizes the messages.

In addition, the feature seamlessly works together with most of the traditional bounce rate reduction methods. This means even when a website owner has applied several other ways to reduce bounce rate, Acobot is still a feasible option for his/her website bounce rate to decrease further.

“Chatbots are widely cited as a tool for website engagement,” said Vic Duan, founder and CEO of Acobot, “Since we started measuring how chatbot impacts the website performance, we have constantly found that well designed chatbots are capable of reducing bounce rates. With the new feature, our users are allowed to drop the bounce rate further and see an immediate increase of conversion rate.”

A live demo of AI with the new feature can be found at Providing a domain name, one may see the artificial intelligence learns from the website and builds a chatbot in a few seconds or minutes, depending on the size of website. Business website owners may take a 15-day free trial for Acobot PRO and personal websites owners may choose one of the plans for free chatbots.

To encourage web developers to introduce Acobot to website owners as a conversion optimization tool, Acobot offers a lifetime commission affiliate program. Web developers joining the program may receive 50% lifetime commissions for each paying customer they refer to

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