Curology Releases Survey Revealing Widespread Misconceptions in Skincare, Astounding Time Spent on Routine, and Attachment to Beauty Products

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Results provide insight into men and women’s daily skincare routine and highlights the lengths people are willing to go for the right skincare and beauty products.

In time for Acne Awareness Month, Curology, the skincare company that offers personalized dermatology treatment for acne through virtual consultations, today released a survey focusing on routines, habits, and products. The survey illuminates how men and women approach skincare and explores America’s fascination with healthy skin and beauty products. The survey was conducted online across 1,001 men and women ages 18+ in the U.S.

Combining technology and first-rate patient care, Curology is the only solution that offers customized acne and anti-aging formulas for each customer. The Curology platform allows users to connect one-on-one with board-certified dermatology providers to create customized prescription formulas specifically created to help with their different skincare concerns. Each formula comes packed with prescription ingredients not available over the counter, and Curology ships the customized formula directly to the customer’s door.

“The results from this survey underscore the reason why I created Curology — everyone deserves to feel at home and comfortable in their own skin,” said David Lortscher, MD, board-certified dermatologist and the founder and CEO of Curology. “We know how much men and women care about the well-being of their skin and see first-hand the vast variations in routines and product usage.”

Key findings from Curology’s survey include:

Debunking Old Wives’ Tales:
Skin can be quite mysterious, with everyone having different issues, making education a crucial part of any skincare routine. While social media and the internet provide access to educational resources and have led people to seek more effective treatments, skincare misconceptions and old wives’ tales are still widespread and misleading to many.

  • Almost 30% (27.3%) of people think that eating chocolate can worsen acne (hint: it doesn’t).
  • Unfortunately, 22.3% of people think that coconut oil is a good solution for breakout prone skin. While trendy, coconut oil commonly blocks pores and can contribute to acne.
  • A staggering 65.9% of men and women think that pores can shrink, open and close. In reality, pore size is genetic; you can't shrink them or make pores go away.
  • Nearly 40% of people believe that sweat directly causes acne. The truth is sweating and humidity can aggravate breakouts by giving the bacteria on the skin a better environment to grow, but sweating doesn’t directly cause acne.
  • Only 54.7% respondents believe that unwashed pillowcases can make acne worse – with the combination of product residue and oil buildup, Curology recommends changing your pillowcase once a week.

Reclaiming Skincare Time
Having good skin is not only important to most, it’s also highly personal. Routines and product preferences vary from person to person. Since everyone’s skin is different, many seek products that appeal to their individual issues. For some, the time they devote to their skincare routine is a pivotal part of the day.

  • Shockingly, 28.1% of people ages 18-34 said they spend more time on their daily skincare routine than they do reading the news.
  • 24.2% of people said they use 3-4 total skincare products daily. When looking at people ages 18-34, the number of people using 3-4 skincare products a day goes up to 32.2%.
  • 9.1% of women use 5 or more skincare products daily.
  • 62.5% of women think it’s very important to have their skincare items tailored to address their specific needs. 35% of people claim to cleanse and / or moisturize at least once a day. That number goes up to almost 42% (41.6%) when looking at women specifically.

Guys Care Too
The male beauty and grooming landscape is shifting. Once a taboo subject, men are embracing their personal care now more than ever. They’re using multiple products, developing their routines, and represent a market that’s projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020.

  • Almost 32% of men spend more time on their daily skincare routine than they do cleaning their room or working out.
  • Most men (84.5%) use 0-2 skincare products each day.
  • Surprisingly, 25.5% of men don’t cleanse or moisturize at all. Additionally, 7.3% of men don’t think it’s important to cleanse after: a workout, sex, spending time outdoors or after waking up and before going to bed...seriously.
  • Not all men are skipping on the cleansing and moisturizing — 35.3% say they cleanse and / or moisturize at least once a day.

Product Prioritization
In 2017, Curology conducted a survey on the State of Acne in America that explained the ups and downs of dealing with acne and revealed just how far people would be willing to go to achieve clear skin. Consistent with previous results, men and women are willing to do a lot to keep their beloved skincare items.

  • Of peoples aged 18-34, almost 60% (57.9%) would rather give up Instagram or listen to Donald Trump speeches on replay than go one year without their favorite beauty product.
  • Almost 40% (33.8%) of people ages 13-34 would either gain ten pounds or give up Netflix before going a year without their favorite product.

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About Curology
Curology is a skincare company that brings personalized dermatology treatment for acne and aging into the privacy of the home through online consultations with expert dermatology providers. A dedicated dermatology provider reviews photos of each customer’s face and analyzes responses to medical questions before prescribing a tailor-made formula. Each formula contains prescription-strength ingredients not available over-the-counter, and Curology ships the personalized formula directly to the customer’s door. With only 10,000 dermatologists in the country, access to expert care is limited, but Curology solves this problem through its online consultations and prescription formulas made at its in-house laboratory. Curology was founded in 2014 by David Lortscher, MD, a board-certified dermatologist. With offices in both San Diego and San Francisco, Curology has raised nearly $18 million in venture funding from investors including Advance Vixeid Partners, Forerunner Ventures, and Sherpa Capital. For more information visit

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