Bill Poulos, President of Profits Run, Inc., Revealed The Top ICOs To Watch For In July 2018 While Reviewing Previously Successful Cryptocurrencies

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Bill Poulos recently announced the “5 Next Best ICO Opportunities To Look Out For” this month and reviewed previously successful cryptocurrencies.

Many of these ICOs fortuitously occurred during crypto’s price explosion last year, rewarding investors with sky-high profits that rivaled even Bitcoin. Don’t believe me? Just look at OmiseGO, a token that returned an impressive 2,692% for ICO participants after its July 2017 token sale.

Bill Poulos, CEO of Profits Run, Inc., recently released the five next best Initial Coin Offerings opportunities to watch out for in July 2018. Last week (July 5, 2018), Poulos published the article, “5 Next Best ICO Opportunities To Look Out For.” Poulos has been analyzing the markets and investing since the early 1970s. In the article, Poulos broke down the five ICOs to watch, the potential value the companies could add to the world, and reviewed past ICOs that were successful.

Poulos noted that originally Bitcoin was the main focus when it came to cryptocurrency. He explained, “Unless you were living under a rock, you probably heard about its meteoric rise to nearly $20,000 a coin – and the long list of early adopters that became overnight millionaires.”

Poulos explained that cryptocurrencies became a type of digital gold. He shared, “Much like Bitcoin, gold occupies a grey area that sits somewhere between commodity and currency. While gold may technically be a commodity, it also behaves more like a monetary asset than anything else. It really isn’t comparable to other commodities, save for its ability to protect investors from inflationary risk – another purported benefit of Bitcoin. So, while this new “digital gold” was able to capture over 2,000% gains last year during its rise from $900 to almost $20,000, several other newly minted cryptocurrencies were able to achieve even better results.”

New currencies are created through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Bill explained this is “where investors traded in sums of their existing cryptocurrency to give life to brand new tokens.” An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is an unregulated method to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency venture. Startup businesses can use ICOs to circumvent the regulated and arduous process of raising capital, as demanded by banks and venture capitalists.

Bill went on to explain the overwhelming success of ICOs, noting, “Many of these ICOs fortuitously occurred during crypto’s price explosion last year, rewarding investors with sky-high profits that rivaled even Bitcoin.” He continued, "Don’t believe me? Just look at OmiseGO, a token that returned an impressive 2,692% for ICO participants after its July 2017 token sale. Or even Neblio, which held its ICO in August and pocketed a much more modest 1,685% ROI for its investors."

Poulos revealed that the top five ICOs to look for are Uchain, Deepcloud AI, DxChain, ANKR Network, and Cognida.

Poulos said, “Uchain is an ambitious project that targets the sharing economy, which is merely an economic system where private individuals can share their assets or services for a fee over the internet. Right now, it’s limited to familiar services like Airbnb, but as time goes on and blockchain technology becomes more integrated into our lives, people will become more interconnected than ever before.”

When explaining why Uchain is one to watch Bill shared, “This sharing economy is expected to be worth $520 billion by the end of 2018, and in anticipation, Uchain is establishing an infrastructure blockchain that will serve as the intermediary between parties engaged in rental contracts.”

In addition to the engagement in a billion-dollar sharing economy, Bill shared, “…the team behind the new token will also allow enterprises the ability to build decentralized applications (Dapps). Uchain’s proprietary currency will be used as the backbone to power the entire operation.” Bill revealed Uchain has the ability to become the Ethereum of the sharing economy.

In regard to Deepcloud AI, Bill revealed that there are many centralized applications that rely on the cloud. He shared, “Deepcloud AI will offer a cloud-based solution for running decentralized apps, much like the many existing projects already available (Golem, SONM, and iExec to name a few). However, unlike those other products, the Deepcloud team has developed an AI to elegantly match up developers with the resources they need from network providers.” Bill went on to note that many investors have bet on decentralized cloud computing, but Deepcloud AI has the technological competitive advantage that has been missing.

The co-founder of Profits Run, Inc. explained that DxChain is a project combining the power of blockchain with big data. He revealed, “Up until now, finding patterns or trying to process big data has been something reserved only for major corporations. Running big data tasks requires prohibitively expensive computer hardware as well as a wealth of consumer data – both things that are unavailable to small businesses and the average person.”

Bill revealed that DxChain is working to fix that. He shared, “DxChain will allow users to have better control of their own information. That includes buying data, selling data, or analyzing large sets of information (big data) on the DxChain platform. As a means of powering the whole system, the proprietary DX token created during the ICO will be used as the primary method of payment between parties within the network.”

ANKR Network is similar to Deepcloud AI, but as it works to offer cloud computing solutions it acts as “trusted hardware.” Bill explained, “Trusted hardware is a term used to identify any computer or device that has been certified to perform specific tasks and satisfies a set of pre-determined requirements. While this will limit the amount of hardware available for computing, it also makes the network of devices far more reliable.” Bill shared that it is likely that ANKR will become the preferred choice for enterprise, large-scale applications.

Cognida, Bill’s last ICO to watch, is an ICO working as a third-party service network that allows companies to leverage its cloud services power on a user-friendly interface. Bill explained, “By facilitating the conversion of centralized applications into more secure Dapps, Cognida could be the catalyst that pushes corporations all over the world into the future. This would have a major effect on not only how blockchain technology is used, but how a modern large-scale business operates.” Bill noted that due to the challenges enterprise level applications have had with sharing information between enterprise applications and Dapps, companies will flock to Cognida’s system.

Bill Poulos is a co-founder and president of Profits Run, Inc. Poulos reviews investment terminology and techniques through the training programs and books he has written. In addition to philanthropist and author, Poulos is a retired automotive executive. He received his Master of Business Administration, with a major in finance, from the University of Michigan. Prior to that, Bill earned his bachelor’s in engineering from General Motors Institute (GMI). Currently, Bill resides in Michigan with his wife. They have three boys and have been married for over 48 years.

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Bill and Gregory Poulos, a father and son duo, co-founded Profits Run, Inc. in 2001. The company’s name took shape from the popular trader saying, “Cut your losses and let your profits run.” Profits Run works to educate people on simpler ways to invest that emphasize using proper risk management techniques.

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