Tips to Replace and Maintain a Boiler

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Thinking about replace an old boiler? Experts at Dulwich Plumber Limited revealchoose and how to maintain an existing gas boiler

Tips to change or maintain your boiler

Changing the boiler has become the goal and desire of many families, once the cold season approaches and we do not want to be caught out with no heat or hot water when the cold snap hits. It is important to renew or die (as they say) and other issues which also come into play, with factors such as savings and energy efficiency.
On the other hand, your boiler may be working perfectly fine, but in this post, the experts at Dulwich Plumber Limited tell you some aspects to keep in mind if you are thinking about changing your current boiler for a more modern one.

Should we really change the boiler?

In many cases we wait for our Worcester boilers to die completely and that's when we go crazy because we need another one, yet struggle to afford it because of the prices and the crisis.

Should we wait until the boiler breaks down to change it for a new boiler installation? Not necessarily. This depends on its age and your budget. You can also get advice from a trusted local plumber.

Budget available

When we undertake works of such magnitude at home we always have, whether we like it or not, a budget in mind to invest (of which we are generally not willing to spend.) Whether or not you support monthly plans, there are alternatives when changing your combi boiler.

Condensing boilers

Condensing gas boilers take advantage of the heat of the condensation of combustion fumes, that is to say the steam of the water. The consumption is less than the traditional gas oil boilers that are fortunately now very rare to find in homes.
Also, condensing boilers have a variety of prices that eventually end up adapting to your pocket. We can find them ranging in prices from £750 to £2,500.

Housing conditions

We must take into account the size of the house regarding the placement of the new boiler, and not only that, but also the size of the hole where the previous one was. Obviously we are not going to buy industrial boilers for our 30 square metre flat, but just in case, there are different sizes, so be mindful of this.
One trick usually used by professionals is the increase of 100W per square metre that the house has. The result this operation gives us will be the chosen power when we select the boiler.

Consult with professionals

It is clear that acquiring and installing a Vaillant boiler does not consist of going to a boiler manufacturer and saying "give me this, give me that”, as if we were going to the delicatessen. It’s always recommended you are attended by a professional who will guide you on how you can choose the best option. Although you can also call any plumbing company that is dedicated to the installation of boilers and that are covered.

How to maintain a boiler correctly ?

It is important to carry out good maintenance of the Worcester Bosch boiler
Keep in mind that some of the good practices to be done must be done by a professional, which simply involves cleaning the different components (collector, filter, etc.) and these can't be done by yourself. The boiler service can be carried out only by qualified person who is Gas Safe registered (UK building and gas regulations).

Every year, it is necessary to ensure the good condition and operation of the combustion chamber and look to see that there is no need to change safety valves, interlocks or programmers. It may sound confusing, we know, but that's why you should call someone at this point to discuss the new boiler cost for parts and checks.

Control of emissions

We must control the CO2 or CO emissions of the boiler in order to control the heat losses in turn. This we will have to do once a year.

Smoke collector inspection

The smoke collector is the thick tube (for those who do not know) that rises from the top of the boiler to the ceiling. It is a cleaning that must be done annually, because believe us, a lot of dirt accumulates from the simple use and passage of time.

Cleaning or replacing the filter ?

We must check that the filter is in good condition, since it can be dirty (in which case it will have to be cleaned) or even damaged (if this happens, we will have to change it for a new one or at least one in good condition). We must review this at least once a month.

Inspection of peepholes and burners

It is crucial to make sure from time to time that the peephole and the burners are in perfect condition. It usually happens that, with the simple passage of time, the burners become dirty and thus cause a loss of efficiency in the combustion (and therefore, a decrease in the performance of the apparatus), as well as an increase in the emission of gases (which is very bad for our health and the environment).

Having regular checks on your British Gas new boiler is crucial to the long lasting maintenance of this most important piece of household equipment. If you don’t have a regular engineer or have just moved house and are thinking ‘who is the top plumber near me?’, then look no further than our team (Dulwich Plumber Limited).

We have highly skilled and experienced boiler repair engineers, who can install or fix any model of boiler that your home currently has, as well as discuss the boiler installation cost. We can also offer guidance and advice to get the most out of your boiler and help you save money in your wallet with a new boiler grant. So why not give us a call today for any plumbing service, including power flush, central heating power flushing, boiler replacement and many others! You can check our current boiler offers by visiting:

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