Father/Daughter team makes personal investing COMICAL for millennials

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Free web comic from FarBeyond Publishing helps young adults achieve financial independence with crucial insights that destroy the mysticism and anxiety of investing

Personal investing has been overly complex and costly for far too long.

You work hard for your money and it should work hard for you. Yet for the majority of millennials, the complexity of investing and the over-abundance of investing products has increased their confusion and their financial risk. Savings are stuffed in low-interest bank accounts, or in costly and under-performing investments, losing the battle against inflation. Ten years after her father engaged her to illustrate his financial books for kids, Natalie Nourigat (Disney Animation Studios) reversed roles, and approached him to create something that could easily teach her generation of millennials the essentials of personal investing. He agreed, if she would bring his story to life with comic illustrations that speak to her generation.

“INVESTMENT WISDOM: The secret sauce to growing money” is an informative 12-page comic that covers millennials’ diverse perspectives and goals, while establishing a financial baseline that readers can easily digest and act upon. The engaging comic is hosted on http://www.FarBeyond.com and is supplemented by a free “investment insights guide” and related “explainer videos”. The comic’s author, Paul Nourigat, has written 9 financial literacy books and has advised thousands of business leaders and families for over 30 years. He says that “Throughout life, most of us are confronted with financial decisions we’re not prepared for, and personal investing has been overly complex and costly for far too long. Helping young adults become empowered and financially independent is crucial to America’s future, particularly given the pandemic and it's residual challenges. Yet, even through tough times, young people can multiply their savings and build strong futures with the right approach.”

LEVERAGING WISDOM AND ART - As she matured and advanced in her creative career, Natalie Nourigat experienced the challenges of saving and investing money, and says “I’ve seen the cumulative effects of my small initial savings growing year over year and it’s very exciting to watch your funds grow. Yet I still find certain aspects of the markets confusing, so working with my dad to simplify the concepts for everyone’s benefit - through the comic medium - called to me.”

Illustrator Natalie Nourigat is a Story Artist and Short Film Director for Disney Animation. Author Paul Nourigat is a business consultant based in Portland Oregon, and founder of FarBeyond Publishing, which promotes financial literacy and self-sufficiency, by creating unique visual media with age-appropriate messaging to engage readers. His 10th book is expected to be released within the next 12 months, for pre-retirees and retirees who cherish independence as they age.

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