Polar Global will present its products and new software at the two international fairs most important in the sector

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Polar Global will present its products and new software at the two international fairs most important in the sector. The first will be on January 31 in Las Vegas, the second in Milan on March 8.

Polar Global will present its products and new software at the two international fairs most important in the sector, where they will present with its new products and their new software. The first will be on January 31 in Las Vegas, the second in Milan on March 8.

Polar Global is a multinational firm specializing in the design and commercialization of hydronic fan coil units. We have the most extensive range of fan coil units in the world, with more than 1,800 different models and sizes. Fan coil units are the terminal units that deliver heating or cooling to immediate indoor spaces. Hydronic fan coils use water to deliver heating and cooling energy, and a boiler or a chiller generates heating or cooling energy.

Water only uses 2% energy consumption from the total system to move the cooling or heating, which is highly efficient compared to refrigerant-based systems that need up to 30% of the energy consumption of the total system.

Fan coil units have internal fans that move air across a water coil and delivers the treated air to the indoor spaces. The installation costs are considerably reduced when using fan coils to condition each indoor space individually since ductworks are not needed to deliver treated air from a central fan plant. Polar Air fan coils use EC variable speed motors that increase the efficiency of the system. The units with EC motors have energy savings between 30% to 50% compared to traditional AC motors on preset high, medium or low speeds. When set in AUTO mode, the energy savings can reach up to 70% as the airflow continuously varies to match the exact performance requirements. EC motors do not turn off and on periodically to maintain the desired temperature of the environment, which allow them to reduce the energy consumption by up to 50%. Modulation of the airflow to meet the heating and cooling requirements of the space results in reducing temperature fluctuations within the room and reducing noise levels, maximizing the comfort of indoor spaces.

Our fan coils use water coils with multiple rows (up to 6) to adapt the water circulation to the installation performance and specification needs. All our fan coils have 2 Pipe and 4 Pipe configurations and adapt to worldwide voltage requirements (108-120V/60Hz or 208-240V/50Hz)

All our fan coils are certified with standard market regulation labels such as CE, CB, ETL and have been independently certified for performance by Eurovent and AHRI certification third party companies. We produce all types of fan coils, including High-Walls, Cassettes, Universal Floor Standing, Ducted Low and ducted High static pressure, Mini air handling Units, and Cassettes. We aim to satisfy all types of applications and market requirements.

Polar Air fan coils have intelligent controls that aim to provide the utmost comfort optimizing the overall hydronic system efficiency.

Our INTELLIGENT controls manage the FULL functionality of our fan coil units, maximizing the overall system efficiency by balancing the airside and waterside parameters to match precise indoor space demands.

Polar Air intelligent control system manages fan motors, valves, and electric heaters (if fitted), is compatible with BMS via MODBUS protocol and can connect up to 255 units on a MASTER-SLAVE communication Network.

In most commercial buildings where building management systems are required, the project owner must hire a control contractor to install and operate the BMS. This contractor is requested to integrate the parts with proprietary controls (chillers) and those without controls (fan coils).

The estimated cost of installing controls is around $1000 per control point, including equipment, programming, and labour costs. To provide the same functionality as our intelligent control logic, the controlling contractor has to install and manage a minimum of 6 control points PER FAN COIL unit: 2 water temperature sensors, 1 air temperature sensor, 1 temperature setpoint, 1 fan speed control signal and 1 valve control signal.

Polar Air INTELLIGENT control solution can easily save $6000 per unit on a project connected to a BMS.

Project designers usually oversize the HVAC systems to ensure they are meeting the comfort requirements at peak demands. But peak demands are not the standard scenario, so a total loss of efficiency ends up occurring. Polar Air intelligent fan coil units solve this challenge.

In Polar Global, we consider each fan coil unit as a core coordinator of the rest of the hydronic HVAC system. It is not simply the last part of the chain delivering the air to the space (terminal unit). Fan coil units connect directly to the immediate space and evaluate the overall system performance on both the waterside and the airside. Our intelligent controls have an auto-balance feature that constantly measures the space needs and balances the functions of the total system. Our fan coils optimize the space comfort requirements by intelligent and efficient control of the AIRFLOW and maximize the water flow efficiency by controlling the water temperature DELTA T, increasing the energy efficiency of chillers, heat pumps and boilers.

Polar Air fan coil units optimize the water flow volumes with energy savings of up to 87.5%.

With our INTELLIGENT fan coil units, Polar Global strives to provide optimum comfort levels according to the specific space demands while maximizing the overall hydronic system efficiency.

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