Enablix Expands Sales Enablement Platform with Fall 2021 Release

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Enablix Simplifies Content Enablement And Saves Marketers Time In Latest Release, Highlighted By Addition of Automated Content Quality Checks

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Enablix, the Intelligent Sales Enablement Platform

The newly released feature Automated Content Quality Checks is going to save hours a week for marketers and sales enablement professionals, allowing them to spend more time doing what they want to do: Help sales drive more revenue.

Enablix, the sales content enablement solution for sales and marketing, announced its Fall 2021 product release headlined by their newest feature, Automated Content Quality Checks. The release allows marketers and product marketers to create a more useful sales enablement content library in less time than ever before.

Enablix’s automated content quality checks use in-house developed “quality intelligence” to automatically find and flag quality issues in the content library, empowering admins to resolve issues in as little as a few clicks, raising the overall content quality of the library. Quality checks make the marketing assets that sales reps have access to more valuable while lowering the overall time it takes to administer such a system.

“The issue marketers and sales enablement professionals experience with many sales enablement platforms is getting bogged down with non-valuable duplicated marketing material,” said Gaurav Harode, CEO of Enablix. “By automating the boring but essential parts of maintaining our sales enablement solution, we’re effectively giving marketers multiple hours back in their day.”

The issue marketing admins that establish a content library face doesn’t have to do with producing content — it’s keeping up with the library once it’s filled with marketing assets. For instance, the same data sheet uploaded by two sales enablement managers under two slightly different names would add to content bloat and make the library less useful. Similarly, two presentations uploaded by different sales reps with identical content coming from two different sources would additionally make analytics and insight about that content less useful.

Automated Quality Checks by Enablix bring an end to manual and mindless content library work. By intelligently sweeping through users’ content metadata, Enablix can now flag content issues that pop up over time, giving admins the ability to quickly and cleanly address the issue by adjusting or deleting content. Having been trained on dozens of real-life sales enablement content libraries, automated content quality checks will find and detect a large swath of issues ranging from checks as simple as “Items with the same name but different content” to complex discoveries like “finding customer personas that have no content behind them,” the intelligence baked into the automated process will save marketers and product marketers dozens of hours a month in potential maintenance.

The Automated Content Quality Checks feature is now out of its beta release, and is available for all Enablix customers.

To learn more about Enablix, visit http://www.Enablix.com

About Enablix

Enablix is a sales enablement solution built for product marketers that helps teams make better use of their sales and marketing content. By seamlessly connecting and linking content from any source, reps and marketers can activate existing content and make data-driven decisions about what to create next. Alongside content enablement, Enablix introduces the powerful ability to build content-driven digital sales rooms — creating better buyer experiences that accelerate deals.

Powered by integrations with virtually every part of the sales tech stack, Enablix's mission is to make life easier for sales teams to find and utilize sales and marketing content — because life is too short for good content to go wasted.

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