Announcing Symptomatical - Online Symptom Screening Platform to Ensure a Safe School Environment

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Announcing launch, a new symptom screening & health tracking platform for schools and companies that can not work remotely and stay open. Now schools can move health screening online to reduce the spread of Covid and other infectious diseases and follow government guidance easier.

Symptomatical - Symptom Screening and Health Tracking Platform for Schools

Symptomatical - Symptom Screening and Health Tracking Platform for Schools

The primary goal of Symptomatical — help to stay ahead of the curve and ensure a safe school environment.

Symptomatical launches a platform that helps schools to move daily student Covid-19 screenings online. Parents can quickly and easily submit daily health information about their children and Covid-19 symptoms online before entering school buildings.

“A new screening method that allows your school to stay open.”

Symptomatical offers additional features to ensure safety to students and schools. It enables offline learning by providing screening results tracking, departments and location management, comprehensive reporting, customizable questionnaire, and more.

The primary goal of Symptomatical — help to stay ahead of the Covid-19 curve and ensure a safe school environment.

How does the online screening process work?

In the app, parents answer the questions if their child is experiencing symptoms. They are based on the state’s regulations and CDC documents. After that, the parents see if their child can enter the school premises or stay home. Finally, the school leaders see information about daily statuses in the dashboard.

"To keep kids safe... I know that in my children's school there were 2 cases disclosed like that. So it helps to disclose cases." - Assad, Toronto, public-funded college, 10 000 students.

The app sends automatic reminders before the classes begin. No downloads are needed. Parents can complete a form each morning using a smartphone app or a website. The school administration sees daily results in the dashboard. In addition, it can easily create reports for school districts if required. School principals mention that similar apps have already helped them disclose cases among students.

How Does It Affect Schools?

According to recent research, offline education is more effective compared to online learning. This is because students understand the materials better when they can directly meet their lecturers. Using daily screening apps, schools can resume offline learning and improve their students’ performance.

CEO of Symptomatical Iva Kozlovskaya started platform development when “several schools requested help in moving the health screening process online to keep the health of each student under control. Symptomatical makes daily health screenings and temperature assessments easier. Parents need just a couple of minutes to respond to the required questions about childrens’ well-being before reporting to school.”

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About Symptomatical

Symptomatical™ is a symptom screening and health management system that helps schools and companies to reopen, be ahead of the Covid-19 curve, and protect people from infectious diseases. Our syndromic surveillance platform empowers response to infectious diseases, helps to protect communities, enhances security, and fundamentally improves public health. Utilize digital technologies and advanced data to stay a step ahead of infectious disease risks!

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