Women Shift Focus to Self-Care, Family, and Nurturing Relationships in New 2022 Predictions Survey

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In the SheSpeaks’ end of year survey, women place learning new skills and strengthening relationships with partners and family members above new career aspirations.

SheSpeaks, one of the largest online communities of female consumers and influencers with over 250,000 members, has released the results of its newest female-focused predictions for 2022. The forecasts on health, career, economic outlook, and stance on the pandemic were formulated with data findings from the trusted online community platform.

“I am so passionate about this female insight data, as it represents 51% of purchasing decisions in the United States. Brands need to really think about this information as they finalize both their 2021 end of year sales strategies, while also looking ahead to 2022 first quarter sales. These insights are critical to their success,” says Aliza Freud, CEO and Founder of She Speaks.

The Growing Desire for Connection
Strengthening relationships with family and friends seems to be the most sought-after accomplishment for women in the upcoming year. Up 8% from last year, 61% of women hope to spend more time with family & friends. In relation, 43% of women will be working on their current relationship with their significant others in 2022. In addition to building with current partners, women’s desire to expand their families by pregnancy or adoption has grown 11% since 2020. For singles, the desire for connection in the form of a new love interest has also increased by 9% from 2020.

The Pandemic Has Caused Trauma and Ongoing Anxiety
In 2019, 60% of the SheSpeaks New Year survey respondents felt excited and optimistic entering 2020. After a year plus of economic hardship, job loss, and pandemic trauma, the optimism seems to have faded with a consecutive 16% drop in anticipation for the new year in 2020 and 2021. Continuing with the pandemic outlook, most women (51%) express uncertainty in how much longer the COVID-19 pandemic will last. The feeling of uncertainty involving the pandemic is up a staggering 31% the past year. With no clear end in sight, 52% of respondents have reported receiving the COVID-19 booster shot or are planning to receive the booster vaccination.

Self Care and Progression will be the Theme of 2022
With improving fitness, optimizing organization, and doing more for well-being, self-care will remain a common goal amongst women. In 2022, 61% of women will be placing their energy into building strength and improving fitness. Organization of the home and increasing travel have the most significant year-over-year difference in this category with both up 5% (Organizing home 60%, traveling more 52%). Many women (51%) have also reported the desire to learn a new skill either through reading, listening to podcasts, or joining a class.

For the new SheSpeaks 2022 infographic containing additional projections on social media use, the economy, and mental health, please visit https://bit.ly/3rdmmlS.

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