International Food Giant Orbitel Releases Its Instant Marbling Boba Kit, Giving Boba Fans a Quick Way to Get Their Fix At Home

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Bubble tea fans can now make real boba tea with marbling flavoring at home in only 15 seconds

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Our team is constantly innovating, looking for ways to bring this popular Taiwanese drink to more fans across the globe.

Taiwan-based OrbitelInternational Corp., the international expert in instant foods, has announced the launch of its latest instant boba product in the United States, giving bubble tea fans a fast and easy way to make boba at home.

The Instant Marbling Boba Kit is the latest edible art release from Orbitel's instant food line O's Bubble, a global innovator in the boba tea space. Since its inception, Orbitel has sought to transform the boba tea industry, making it easier for fans to enjoy the popular drink at home and not just at specialty tea shops.

“We’re pleased to bring our latest innovation to boba fans in the US,” said Gary Tsai, Oribtel founder. “Our team is constantly innovating, looking for ways to bring this popular Taiwanese drink to more fans across the globe. But our goal is to not only introduce more people to boba but also make it easier for them to make their new favorite drink at home so they can enjoy it anytime a craving strikes.”

A Fast-Growing US Favorite
The release of O’s Bubble Instant Marbling Boba Kit in the United States delivers on Orbitel’s mission of expanding global access and enjoyability of Taiwan’s most famous drink. As the drink has gained popularity in the US, fans have been eager to find ways to recreate the drink at home. With O’s Bubble’s instant boba products, boba enthusiasts can now enjoy boba on the fly and even share this beloved drink more easily with others.

Redefining At-Home Boba
In addition to saving customers time, O's Bubble Instant Marbling Boba Kit is the only product on the market to offer marbling flavored syrup. The syrup adds a beautiful and authentic touch to the at-home boba party, making boba on-the-go as beautiful as it is delicious with a fun yet elegant marbling look when mixed into drinks. For many consumers, the most frustrating thing about any make-your-own kit is the lack of all essential ingredients. This leads to wasted time, rushing to the story to track down the missing pieces. But this instant boba kit has it all, with three variety of flavors included.

The marbling features and syrup format are both differentiators from competitors, which provide tea powder to make boba tea, not flavored syrups. This also eliminates the customers' need to purchase additional bottles of flavored syrup, saving them time and money.

Enjoy Anytime, Anyplace
O's Bubble convenient boba kit enables customers to make boba at home in only 15 seconds, meaning they can now enjoy this beloved treat anytime even at a party. Though it may create boba on-the-fly, O's Bubble boba kit creates full-sized boba that retains the same chewy texture and delicious taste of boba made from more traditional methods.

Each pack of shelf-stable instant boba can be blended with any milk variety, giving vegans, lactose-intolerant, and dairy-free customers a way to enjoy boba at home.

O's Bubble Instant Marbling Boba Kit is easy to use, helping you to enjoy at-home boba tea in a few easy steps. Simply microwave the boba for 15 seconds and then combine the marbling syrup, choice of milk, ice cubes, and boba in your favorite cup. The included rainbow sprinkles add a perfect finishing touch. Finally, be sure to take a picture to share with friends, then enjoy.

O’s Bubble’s Instant Marbling Boba Kit can be purchased at physical stores or online. To learn more about all of O’s Bubble products, visit their website and follow the brand on Instagram.

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