Brevi-T, a Joint Venture between InterOme and Avrok Biosciences Will Change the Way We Understand and Solve Society’s Most Urgent Problems

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The landmark strategic partnership between InterOme and Avrok Biosciences Laboratory is a powerful union of information technology and bioscience designed to make the world a healthier place.

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"We aim to support every individual, community, and global network with precision public health solutions.” - Corina Shtir, Ph.D., CEO at InterOme

Brevi-T, a joint venture between InterOme, a trailblazing digital health enterprise, and molecular laboratory innovator Avrok Biosciences, is tackling some of the world’s most daunting public health challenges, including infectious disease, substance abuse, and environmental contamination.

Brevi-T revolutionizes the detection, assessment, analysis, and management of public health risk factors to prevent the spread of epidemics. The innovative, end-to-end ecosystem, which includes consistent process management and analytics, delivers centralized, actionable data to inform decision-making that greatly improves practices, plans, and policies for the best possible individual and public health outcomes.

Brevit-T is the first-ever single source solution that combines cutting-edge field sampling and laboratory testing with advanced data analytics and accessible user-friendly software in an effortless framework for day-to-day use by individuals, communities, districts, and private and public institutions. The customizable dashboard features a user-friendly interface that virtually anyone can use.

This seamless integration of automated wastewater testing, individual testing (when desired), real-time data enrichment, advanced analytics, reporting, and alerts delivers rapid, accurate results on a number of risk factors including, but not limited to pathogens, drugs of abuse, and environmental contaminants

The system brings an unprecedented level of efficiency, accuracy, automation, and speed to testing, analysis, and reporting, and makes understanding and communicating results and action plans simple and easy. Additionally, enriched real-time demographic, health, and environmental data makes predictive analysis and modeling possible.

This in turn can be used to anticipate where the next disease outbreak may be coming from, monitor the prevalence of illicit drug use to provide better education and support, or stay ahead of potentially harmful environmental conditions that may impact the health of the local community.

“Our goal is to solve general systemic problems through highly specialized approaches,” said Corina Shtir, Ph.D., CEO at InterOme. “Through our partnership with Avrok Biosciences, we escalated our impact exponentially by creating an ecosystem that allows us to shift epidemiology studies from retrospective to real-time monitoring, including prospective measures. We aim to support every individual, community, and global network with precision public health solutions.”

"Partnering with InterOme has been a natural fit from the very beginning,” said Jonathan Martin, COO at Avrok. “Their focus on public health, precision medicine, and passion for empowering patients to be more involved with their health data complements Avrok's mission to help the population at large to fight against epidemics through awareness and prevention.”

About Brevi-T:
Brevi-T is a joint venture between InterOme and Avrok Biosciences. Brevi-T’s mission is to make the world a healthier place, by creating the means to detect, assess, manage, and prevent public health risk factors and infectious disease global pandemics. Through this global collaboration, the company harnesses the best experience and expertise into a business and industry framework that focuses on harm reduction and keeping people as healthy as possible. Harm reduction improves health outcomes by using actionable data to inform and support the best possible individual and public health outcomes. For additional information, please visit

About InterOme, Inc:
InterOme Inc. aims to close the gaps that slow down health-related decision-making and develop solutions that accelerate health from the individual to the community. InterOme works collaboratively with the precision medicine and public health communities to improve outcomes and accelerate health outcomes via specialized solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and time efficient. InterOme brings together a team of expert physicians, scientists, and software developers with experience building enterprise-class solutions for private, public, and hybrid customers. For additional information, please visit

About Avrok Biosciences:
Avrok Biosciences is a CAP/CLIA-accredited molecular laboratory. Avrok was founded by experts in genetic testing and research, with a team of industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience who have dedicated their careers to science and medicine; together they have over 50 years of experience in oncology, diagnostics, and drug testing. Avrok has extensive experience with molecular assay development utilizing quantitative real-time PCR, microarray, mass spectrometry, and NGS and is focused on translating research assays into CAP/CLIA compliant laboratory developed tests. For additional information, please visit

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