Quintus Technologies Large-Diameter HPP Press Brings Major Capacity Boost to Canadian Toller Natur+l XTD

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Early Adopter of High Pressure Processing Eyes Expanding Opportunities in RTE Meals, Pet Food, Sandwich Spreads

Built to last for maximum reliability and efficiency, the scalable Quintus QIF 400L HPP press features an 18.5” diameter vessel to maximize load capacity and throughput.

“You can’t go wrong with Quintus given they have been in the high pressure business since 1953.”--Stéphane Carrier, Natur+l XTD President.

The installation of a next-generation, scalable High Pressure Processing (HPP) press from Quintus Technologies will boost capacity by roughly 75 percent Natur+l XTD, the first HPP tolling operation established in Canada more than a decade ago. The purchase confirms the partnership between Natur+l XTD and Quintus, the originator of HPP technology.

Introduced just two months ago, the QIF 400L press features an 18.5-inch (47 cm) diameter vessel, the largest available in the industry, for increased versatility and lower per unit production cost. The modular 400L series scales in four increments, from 4000 lbs to 7000 lbs (1800 kg to 3200 kg) per hour. Natur+l XTD selected the model QIF 400L-5400, which can process up to 5400 lbs (2450 kg) of food per hour with a cycle hold time of three minutes. The press addition will bring the total processing capacity of the company’s Montreal facility to almost 42 million lbs (34.5 million kg) annually.

The new press “will give us more capacity, more redundancy, and more reliability,” says Stéphane Carrier, Natur+l XTD President. “The Quintus press is state of the art. It has fewer moving parts, for reduced downtime, and it allows us to be more ‘green’ by consuming less energy. Overall, our operations will be more efficient.”

Against today’s backdrop of concerns about food safety and increasing consumer demand for preservative-free food and beverages, these gains are critical for the toller to accommodate its growth plans. The all-natural, non-thermal HPP process inactivates dangerous foodborne pathogens, significantly increasing refrigerated shelf life without compromising quality and taste. As the only Canadian HPP toller with a Federal permit and a global license for export in the animal protein, fish, fruit/vegetable, and egg categories, Natur+l XTD has been instrumental in the creation of new applications for the technology since its inception. Currently, Carrier cites pet food, ready-to-eat meals, and single-serve sandwich spreads as areas attracting a high level of interest from food processors.

The 400L press family incorporates advanced features like frequency-controlled motor drives for energy conservation; “SmartPress” cloud-based press management software; and easy access to all components requiring regular maintenance or inspection.

“These high-performing solutions reflect our leadership role in high pressure for nearly three-quarters of a century,” comments Ed Williams, General Manager – Americas, Quintus Technologies.

The availability of Quintus® Care, the industry’s best-in-class HPP service program, was a key factor in the toller’s purchase decision. The customized service solution ensures operational reliability, maximum performance, controlled annual costs, and long-term partnership.

“Quintus Care gives us peace of mind with an on-site inventory of replacement parts with no upfront investment, and regular technician visits to maintain the equipment at its highest level of performance,” Mr. Carrier points out.

“Quintus is honored to once again partner with Natur+l XTD,” states Jan Söderström, CEO and President of Quintus Technologies. “More than a decade ago Natur+l XTD was part of a progressive group of companies helping expand adoption of HPP throughout and beyond Canada with the launch of the QFP 100L. Today we reconnect for the launch of our newest generation of presses.”

The QIF 400L – 5400 installation will be Natur+l XTD’s third HPP system to be manufactured at the Quintus plant in Sweden.

“You can’t go wrong with Quintus given they have been in the high pressure business since 1953,” Mr. Carrier concludes.

About Quintus Technologies
Quintus Technologies is the global leader in high pressure technology. The company designs, manufactures, installs, and supports high pressure systems in three main areas: densification of advanced materials; sheet metal forming; and high pressure processing for food and beverage innovation, safety, and shelf life. Quintus has delivered over 1,900 systems to customers within industries such as energy, medical implants, space, aerospace, automotive, and food processing. The company is headquartered in Västerås, Sweden, with a presence in 45 countries worldwide. For more information, visit https://quintustechnologies.com/

About Natur+l XTD
Natur+l XTD is the first and only cold food processing services company in Canada that uses High Pressure Processing (HPP), the all-natural, more sustainable approach to food safety that enables the production of preservative- and additive-free products with no compromise in taste or quality. Since its founding in 2011 as an ambitious start-up, Natur+l XTD has helped hundreds of food producers incorporate HPP technology to improve existing products and create new ones. The company currently operates three HPP lines running 24/5 with a workforce of 65 employees. In 2020 the company added robotic picking, casing, and palletizing equipment to its high volume production line. The installation of the new QIF 400L-5400 HPP press in April 2023 will add 15 million kg (33 million lbs) of processing capacity annually, bringing the total output of the Montreal facility to roughly 34.5 million kg (42 million lbs) per year. The company will launch a new operation in the Toronto area in Fall 2023. For more information, go to http://www.naturelhpp.com/

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