Q5id Guardian, The New App Revolutionizing How Missing People Can Be Found

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A new app, Q5id Guardian, harnesses the power of communities and patented technology together, creating a new way to help find missing people quickly. Today, the app launches nationally across the United States in support by abduction survivor Elizabeth Smart and various non-profit organizations.

“It takes a village” is an oft-used statement, and nowhere is it more apt than when a child or other loved one goes missing. In these situations, every second counts, and the more people involved in a search, the better. Members of local communities can play a vital role in returning loved ones to their families.

A new app harnessing the power of communities and patented technology together, has created a new way to help find missing people quickly. Today, the app named Q5id Guardian, launches nationally across the United States in support by abduction survivor Elizabeth Smart and various non-profit organizations.

Annually, in the United States, over 500,000 people are reported missing, with over 330,000 being children ages 0-17. “The problem is both acute and terrifying,” says Q5id CEO Steve Larson. “Q5id Guardian works on a simple premise: if your child or loved one is missing, having a community at the ready can offer needed support when every moment counts,” he says. “We bring people together to help make our communities safer for everyone.”

We all have the power to make a difference. In the Guardian community the actions we take together are our first line of defense in the event of a missing loved one. All it takes is downloading the app, to implore a strong force of protection in your community.

Building Verified Communities
The Guardian app works by building a verified community of volunteers who can help greatly expand the search for a missing person and send highly localized alerts using the technique of geofencing. A geofence is a virtual perimeter created and viewed online, which allows family members and community volunteers to focus on a key, well-defined area in searching for missing loved ones.

The app gets two types of users involved: Guardian volunteers and Guardian+ subscribers. Guardian volunteers are local individuals who have downloaded the free app and opted in to receive alerts. When a person goes missing in their immediate area, they instantly receive a push notification to their mobile device, prompting them to join the search.

Notifications are only sent to those within a close radius of the geo-located alert, ensuring they can actually help when it matters. The app’s unique technology allows those who have joined the Guardian community to contact emergency services directly within the app if they locate a missing person.

Guardian+ subscribers can issue alerts for their loved ones the second they believe they are missing. Alerts are automatically tied to their phone’s location however users may instead choose to base the alert in a different area. For example, if a child was last seen at school, the alert can be based around the school, rather than the user’s current physical location.

Subscribers can also create profiles for each of their loved ones, and the information will be attached to any alert issued on their behalf. To activate these features there is a $3.99 monthly subscription fee. Currently the first month is FREE, encouraging users to explore subscription-based features.

Support from Influential Safety Experts
Abduction Survivor, Elizabeth Smart, has joined the Q5id Guardian family to help express the importance and need for a safety tool like this. Smart declares “As a community, as a city, and as a nation, we need to be doing everything we can to bring missing children and other loved ones home. Q5id Guardian can play really a pivotal role in the safe return of future missing people, hopefully everywhere.”

Support from Local and National Groups
The Guardian app is recognized by multiple organizations across the United States who are dedicated to health and safety of the community. National organizations include Childhelp, the Dementia Society of America, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

“The more resources we have to aid in supporting children in our communities, the better,” says Michael Medoro, Chief of Staff, with Childhelp, the organization behind the National Child Abuse Hotline and the nation's largest and oldest national nonprofit focused on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse. “Sadly, we know children are unwittingly preyed upon every day – shockingly there is a report of child abuse made every 10 seconds in this country, and unfortunately this tragic situation is only becoming worse. We believe the Q5id Guardian app can play a pivotal role in helping locate missing children.”

“Q5id Guardians commitment to the safety and the power of the word home, lays the foundation for their commitment to aligning their goals and resources to help national CASA/GAL achieve our mission,” states Sally Erny, Deputy CEO of the National Court Appointed Special Advocates Guardian ad Litem (CASA/GAL). “We’re so grateful to Q5id Guardian as they support our work and that of other national organizations helping the most vulnerable members of our society, our children.”

“One of the biggest issues facing youth today is the alarming trend of missing children,” says Mike Belcher, National VP of Child & Club Safety for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “While we work continuously with our clubs to ensure they have up to date plans that account for this type of occurrence, that effort is greatly aided by tools such as the technology created by Q5id Guardian. We’re genuinely grateful for their ingenuity and steadfast commitment to saving young lives. Having a partner like Q5id Guardian truly makes a difference.”

Charitable Donations
Q5id Guardian will donate a portion of all proceeds directly to our various partners to help promote the safety and welfare of children and seniors.

Our Gift to All Guardian Members
Entertainment ® is a free benefit to thank all Guardian members for helping make their community safer. Anyone who joins the Q5id Guardian community receives a subscription to Entertainment® directly in the app.

About Q5id Guardian
Q5id Guardian – the new app revolutionizing how missing people can be located and returned home safely. Guardian uses the power of community, instant localized alerts, and patented technology. The moment a loved one is thought to be missing Guardian+ subscribers can issue an alert with the tap of a button. The alert instantly notifies all Guardians in the immediate area via push notification to jump into action and join the search. All member identities are verified with the patented Q5id Proven Identity technology ensuring transparency and safety for all Guardians. Depend on Q5id Guardian to immediately alert your community to jump into action and help bring missing loved ones home safely. Learn more at guardian.q5id.com.

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